Governor Brown writes letter to President Trump day before visit to California


Governor Brown writes letter to President Trump day before visit to California

Activists and community groups hold a rally to condemn the visit of US President Trump to California ahead of his visit to view border wall prototypes in San Diego.

"Stop treating immigration agents differently from everybody else for the objective of eviscerating border and immigration laws and advancing an open borders philosophy shared by only a few, the most radical extremists", Sessions said.

Daily Bruin: What is the lawsuit about? The Trump administration claims that each statute is preempted by federal law because it impedes federal immigration enforcement efforts.

"In California, we are focusing on building bridges, not walls", Brown wrote, sharing with the president the motto that he often uses to differentiate his policies from Trump's.

Under the 10th Amendment, the federal government can not force states or localities to participate in a federal program. A state has no authority to monitor federal facilities.

DB: What are the implications of this lawsuit for the University of California?

Attorney General Jeff Sessions traveled to Sacramento last week to announce the lawsuit, which challenges three California laws passed previous year limiting cooperation with federal immigration authorities.

Local and state police officers shouldn't act as deputies of ICE.

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The law does require if you're going to go pick up somebody you have to have a warrant. "And to say they're a type of unsafe criminal is also misleading". We invite you to come aboard and truly "Make America Great Again". It claims that they violate the Supremacy Clause by obstructing the federal government's ability to enforce immigration laws and by discriminating against the federal government. We are already putting 1,700 Americans to work.

"I said, 'Are you insane?" Immigrants who came to this country because the United States is dependent on them to provide critical labor. As much as I disagree with California's leaders, I'll hold my nose and support their right to pass even foolish laws.

The Los Angeles Times was quick to note the president's "well-documented clashes" with California, informing readers his visit to the Golden State comes "later into his term than any president since Franklin D. Roosevelt".

The back-to-back events were something of a cosmic conspiracy that fostered political grandstanding by both sides. If they then have US -born children, the household will receive government welfare and services, including food stamps, Medicaid, and public education.

Now, AG Jeff Sessions has fired a missile at the state, suing California for what he says is not doing its share to find and punish undocumented immigrants. That was shot down. I think she could have had other options. But its new lawsuit ignores longstanding Supreme Court precedent. The state is not impeding the federal government's immigration policies when it inspects the conditions of detention facilities.

And at that point, the rhetoric just gets more insane.

Yes, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids that Attorney General Jeff Sessions so single-mindedly wants to carry out have netted some risky criminals. There's no law being broken.

Across the border, Mexican officials said they're monitoring the situation. There're no open borders being suggested here. "We'll go to Little Armenia and Koreatown". The federal government has its strongest claim that the state is interfering with federal immigration enforcement.

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