Watch OJ Simpson's murder 'confession' from 2006 interview

Watch OJ Simpson's murder 'confession' from 2006 interview

Watch OJ Simpson's murder 'confession' from 2006 interview

The never before seen interview was aired by FOX yesterday. "You freed him. and look at what you freed".

"In the book the hypothetical is Charlie came by and mentioned something about what was going on at her house", Simpson said in the interview, referring to his ex-wife.

Moments later, "this guy kind of got into a karate thing, and I said, 'Well, you think you can kick my (expletive)?' " Simpson continues.

Simpson says he blacked out and fled with "Charlie" after waking up covered in blood.

JUDITH REGAN: What kind of stuff?

It doesn't sound hypothetical at all here, and didn't to Regan at the time, either.

During the interview, he created a hypothetical instance where a man (Charlie) accompanied him and helped him hide the knife and his clothes stained with blood.

The original prosecutors objected to the event too, and the objections were a little more substantial than Regan credits with Camerota.

The OJ Simpson case is debatably the most controversial well-known murder case in modern history.

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The book was later pulled by the publisher but was eventually released in 2007 by Goldman's family, with the new title If I Did It: Confessions of the Killer.

Laughing, he adds: "I hate to say it, but this is hypothetical".

Regan was among a panel of experts who will participate in the broadcast, among them Simpson prosecutor Christopher Darden and retired Federal Bureau of Investigation profiler Jim Clemente.

Last night Fox aired a video interview of OJ Simpson from 2006. O.J. accused the two of having a secret affair.

Part of O'Brien's role was to set up segments of Simpson's 2006 interview, but she also moderated a discussion of its revelations with a former Federal Bureau of Investigation profiler, an expert on domestic abuse, Regan, Darden and Eve Shakti Chen, a friend of Nicole's and her family's selected representative.

DEGGANS: Journalist Soledad O'Brien hosted Sunday's special, leading discussion among a panel that included Darden, Regan, a friend of Brown's, an Federal Bureau of Investigation profiler and an expert on spousal abuse.

"I always kept a knife in the vehicle for the crazies and stuff because you can't travel with a gun".

The special included a panel of analysts, led by Soledad O'Brien, who concluded this was a confession from Simpson. Simpson said he had words with Goldman and his ex-wife that escalated. In If I Did It, Simpson wrote that he met Charlie shortly before the murders through mutual friends. The answer is probably that he didn't have much to lose. The following year, Simpson was acquitted of murder charges in a trial that gripped the nation and formed the bases of a recent documentary and miniseries.

Simpson talked on the special about the murders, at first hypothetically, but then he lapsed into first person and it leaves no doubt. even for the naysayers.

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