This Is Us season 2 finale recap: 'The Wedding'

This Is Us season 2 finale recap: 'The Wedding'

This Is Us season 2 finale recap: 'The Wedding'

There is a very realistic possibility that Beth, in her older age, is terminally ill from an incurable disease - suffering from dementia and not the same Beth that Randall and Tess have grown to love.

After killing off Jack and William (Ron Cephas Jones) in the first season, viewers have been waiting for another shoe, or shall we say Pearson, to drop.

As Randall said during his toast to Kate and Toby at the wedding reception, there's "zero point in trying to control the future because nobody knows where we'll be, not even in a year from now". "It was such a showcase for Mandy, because of the high-level degree of difficulty stuff she was having to do in those episodes as the whole country was watching".

And I guess Toby may slip into a depression again, as he's in bed when Kate tells him that the doctor wants to talk about adjusting his medications. Tonight was about Kate and Toby's wedding and featured a notable jump ahead from last week's Deja-centric episode. This was a hugely symbolic moment for Kate, as she has carried the weight and guilt of his passing for far too long. Zoe, for the short term, seems to make some sort of impression on Deja, as the teen actually gets dressed for the wedding (but then later goes missing at the end). In that episode, Deja's (Lyric Ross) mother declared that she needed to leave her daughter. "So much of season two was about Jack's death and the details of how he died and what happened, so we're excited to now be able to delve into chapters of his life that we haven't yet explored, and just get to know the man better and get to know things about him that even his kids don't know yet, and possibly even his wife doesn't know yet".

After nearly a full week of wild speculation about what on Earth is going on with "Old Jack" in the This Is Us finale, we got our answer within the first minute of the episode.

At the wedding, Beth's cousin Zoey is the photographer. If adult-Annie ended up in trouble or in a precarious situation, it might take some emotional reserve for Randall and Tess to work up the nerve to see her. But rather than rail against her mother, she now sees her as inspiration, someone to hopefully become in her own way. It also dealt more directly and honestly with the fact that bad things happen to good people, not because there's a grand plan in place, but because life is just kind of an asshole sometimes. Yikes, they have to be referring to Beth...or maybe Deja? However, the more I think about that, the more I wonder why Beth wouldn't accompany Randall to Tess' office so they can go see her. Either way, it's clear that this person is not a part of their lives anymore, and they aren't looking forward to seeing her. "We like to keep one constant, so chances are that season three for our present-day Big Three will pick up in the Fall of their 38th year". I'd like to find out exactly how depressed he was before he met Kate and perhaps what might have sent him into that downward spiral after their wedding. "Me neither", Randall concedes, before Tess gets up from her chair.

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Since the first season, the two have constantly been at odds.

Kate and Toby successfully make it down the aisle despite all of the drama swirling around them. Then, Kate sits at Toby's bedside as he has apparently been diagnosed with a serious illness.

While we don't know much about what will go down tonight, the actors have given us some hints as to what fans can expect.

This Is Us returns for Season 3 in September on NBC. See who?! Beth? Deja?

"This Is Us" loaded on several new pieces of baggage Tuesday.

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