Dramebazi": "Sonia Gandhi's Scathing Attack On PM Modi At Congress Event

Congress President Rahul Gandhi

Congress President Rahul Gandhi

Urging the Congress workers and leaders to shed their personal aspirations and work together for the sake of the party, Gandhi praised Congress workers in states where the party is not in power for their relentless struggle to expose the wrongs of the ruling government.

Mrs Gandhi also accused the Modi government of being "drunk on power" and pulling out all stops to target Congress workers and leaders.

In an indication of how the party plans to defeat to BJP-led coalition in 2019, she recalled the flexibility shown by the party in favour of alliances ahead of the 2004 Lok Sabha polls to hand out an unexpected thrashing to the then National Democratic Alliance government.

During its 84th plenary session, the party said that it is necessary to stop the misuse of EVMs to manipulate the fate of the popular verdict.

"And whatever the Congress does, it will do for every individual of the country and not leave any one behind", he said.

The subjects committee of the Congress met on the first day of the party's plenary in New Delhi under the leadership of party chief Rahul Gandhi and finalised four draft resolutions that will help set the roadmap for the party for the next five years.

At the beginning of two-day plenary session in Delhi this morning, the newly appointed party president Rahul Gandhi attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government, asserting that the nation is being divided on many lines.

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"Welcome delegates and distinguished guests to the Congress Plenary".

"If the youths have to take the Congress forward, it can not be done without the experience the party veterans".

Meanwhile, the spokesperson from Congress Randeep Singh Surjewala said that his party absolutely disapproves of any act of political vendetta by the Modi government.

While interacting with the Congress party's IT Cell members last November, Rahul talked about his social media strategy.

The Congress spelled out its stance amid renewed efforts for opposition unity following the BJP's defeat in crucial Uttar Pradesh and Bihar Lok Sabha by-elections.

We are talking about change but not without forgetting history, he said, adding Congress can not go ahead without the youth. So the country is in a way worn out, is looking for a way out. The people of this country, they see Modi and see no way forward. "It belongs to each religion, caste, each individual". "I am fully confident that in the next few weeks, our party will give an exemplary performance in Karnataka elections will give a new direction to country's politics", she added. Senior leaders of the Congress will guide the youths and take the party forward, he added.

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