Iran, US to hold talks on 2015 nuke deal

Iran, US to hold talks on 2015 nuke deal

Iran, US to hold talks on 2015 nuke deal

Yet the Pentagon under Secretary of Defense Mattis articulates talking points that more closely represent the Obama administration's views concerning the nuclear accord. Congressman, welcome to the program. "We're getting irritated. We've been talking to them for 18 months and have had no progress on these issues", a diplomat said. What does the president want here with these changes?

"You all - many of you - ask me a million questions about Joe Yun like he's the second coming of Christ".

"I think ultimately it happens". Instead, Tillerson's North Korea strategy seemed to be to beg Pyongyang for talks.

GREENE: Well, say more about that.

With Rex Tillerson out at the State Department, the Iran nuclear deal is likely toast.

"I think the president likely will move away from it unless my, our European counterparts really come together on a framework". Joseph Yun, the special representative for North Korea policy, who retired last month and had years of experience and contact with North Korean officials. "In fact, he may complicate possible talks with North Korea which will require the Chinese to cooperate".

Now, Pompeo - a former U.S. Army officer and Harvard Law School graduate who served in the House of Representatives before he was picked to lead the Central Intelligence Agency and is known to have Trump's ear - is expected to play a key role in planning for the Trump-Kim talks and on the larger North Korea issue. "We need to make sure that we don't throw out the baby with the bath water, so we keep the nuclear agreement".

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A canceled deal would thrill critics in Washington and the Middle East, but it would dismay USA military leaders who say the agreement is in United States national security interests, and roil relations with Europe.

Trump is also reported to be close to replacing the national security adviser, HR McMaster, another defender of the deal, with the former Bush UN ambassador John Bolton, a hawk who favours pre-emptive military action.

Corker replied: "I do".

Hook said USA concerns not covered by the deal include Tehran's ballistic missiles, its presence in Lebanon, backing for Hezbollah, cyberattacks and "maritime aggression", as well as the powerful Revolutionary Guard Corps that the United States says is behind much of the Mideast's destabilization. So just because our secretary, Secretary Tillerson, will no longer be the Secretary of State as of March 31st does not mean that we hit the pause button.

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"Every place there's mischief in the Middle East-you said Iraq, Syria, let's not forget Yemen, where there's that very bad civil war taking place-Iran's fingerprints are behind it", he said.

Araqchi said he discussed the "violations" of the nuclear deal with EU, Russia, Germany and France on the eve of the joint committee meeting, adding that he would hold bilateral negotiations with other delegations, without specifying if he had the intentions to meet the U.S. delegation on the sidelines of the negotiations. We're at the top of the negotiator - negotiations with our person that's sitting down with him versus having an emissary. "I think it is going to go well". We've seen too many wars in our lifetime, and we're still paying the legacy for the Vietnam War and World War II. "I can only confirm this issue doesn't have anything to do with the joint plan of action". "Right? Separate capacity and someone who might well have intent and break those two apart".

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