Trump re-affirms plan to meet Kim Jong Un

Europe matters for North Korea engagement — no really

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These could be undertaken covertly in order to avoid publicly shaming the North Korean leader.

Another North Korean defector who worked for the North's trading company said, "Since late past year, Chinese police and security officials have been investigating and conducting tax probes of trading companies doing business with North Korea".

"We met in secret with senior North Koreans on 14 occasions", Deva said.

The U.S. -North Korea summit talks were brokered by Moon's envoys, who met with Kim Jong Un during a March 5-6 Pyongyang trip.

Her U.S. trip comes as the U.S. has agreed to hold an unprecedented summit with North Korea by May to discuss denuclearization.

If, despite all this, Kim continues to push forward, then the United States must be prepared to take out Kim's nuclear and missile facilities, as well as the artillery pointed at Seoul. The prospect of sanctions removal should be in play only when the world sees an end to North Korea's nuclear program. Such a move could wind up harming US interests more than continued stalemate. If genuine, the development represent a remarkable about-face by the North Korean leader, who within the previous year has exploded what was widely believed to be a hydrogen bomb, and has tested intercontinental ballistic missiles meant to have US cities within range - New York, Washington, D.C. and Chicago.

"Whether they have achieved everything they need to do is still unknown", he said. "Are we then in a more risky situation?" "In fact, he may complicate possible talks with North Korea which will require the Chinese to cooperate". Why does Kim no longer believe that nuclear weapons are necessary to maintain his regime?

But the optics for Trump are much worse than that. "But it is also a major gamble".

Discussions about the talks come after the head of the US Pacific Command said the US could not be overly optimistic about the outcome of any summit between US President Donald Trump and Mr Kim, aimed at ending the North's nuclear and missile programmes, and must go into it with "eyes wide open".

We must keep in mind that while North Korean leaders are loathsome and insecure, they are not irrational and can be deterred from using nuclear weapons.

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The release of Otto Warmbier, the United States student who was imprisoned in North Korea, was mediated by Swedish diplomats, for example.

On the face of it, of course, the North Korean offer seems a victory for Trump's hard line. Ivanka Trump had "the appropriate access to the president", Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said at the time when asked if she had appropriate security clearance.

"It's not a breakthrough", she said.

But there is one more important issue left. "There is no diplomatic process of negotiations ... to move the parties a little bit closer toward a common goal and there isn't even a common goal". North Korea can be contained by maintaining the growing program of economic sanctions and diplomatic pressure that the Trump administration has embarked upon over the course of the past year.

"President Trump isn't doing this for theater", he said last week on Fox News.

Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha speaks to reporters at Incheon Airport before leaving for the US. Instead, the United States should bide its time, exercise patience, and have confidence that North Korea will eventually defeat itself. Dayton would likely be on the list for a second or third wave of attacks, he said.

They "emphasised that a brighter future is available for North Korea, if it chooses the correct path", it said. All we have is a message conveyed through South Korea, which, to be blunt, is not always the most reliable messenger.

The South Korean government will propose holding late-March high-level talks with the North to prepare for an inter-Korean summit the following month, Seoul's Blue House announced on Friday.

What's new: Local experts react with surprise and skepticism mixed with hope, warning what might happen if the talks fail. He used the Winter Olympics his nation hosted last month to reach out to Pyongyang.

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