Brexit breakthrough: Pound rises as two sides reach a compromise

Brexit breakthrough: Pound rises as two sides reach a compromise

Brexit breakthrough: Pound rises as two sides reach a compromise

Britain and the European Union have reached a landmark deal on a transition phase that will last for almost two years after the historic Brexit divorce next year, EU negotiator Michel Barnier said.

Earlier today, EU's chief negotiator Michel Barnier told media with Brexit Secretary David Davis that none of this is legally binding until a whole treaty is ratified before Brexit a year from now.

The announcement came after "intense" negotiations between technical and legal experts from both sides over the past few days, Barnier said. On the European citizens affected and anxious about Brexit, Barnier said: "Citizens will have the possibility to obtain a new residency status from the start of the transition".

Whilst Ministers think they can agree the substance of a Future Partnership with the EU before October this year, the latest DExEU Select Committee report says: "it is hard to see how it will be possible to negotiate a full, bespoke trade and market access agreement, along with. other agreements, including on foreign affairs and defence" by that point.

Barnier began his statement by speaking how there was complete agreement on the legal transition discussed in December past year.

ING are optimistic on Sterling's prospects provided both sides can formally agree on a Brexit transition deal as this "would go some way to reducing the long-run risks surrounding the United Kingdom economy". "It allows citizens who wish to to have immediate legal certainty to remain after the transition period".

Brexit-backing MD of Europa Worldwide Andrew Baxter has praised a template for future EU-UK border relationships as negotiators reach agreement on the transition process.

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That solution envisages Northern Ireland effectively remaining within the EU customs union if no other solution is found and has been assented to in principle.

Normally, this kind of a deal would risk provoking an outcry from hardline Brexit supporters in the UK The crucial difference is that the European Union has given May permission to pursue the dream of numerous keenest Brexit supporters: to strike new free-trade deals with other countries around the world.

The UK and the European Union were involved in another intense few days of talks, but have announced they've come to an agreement over how to manage the UK's transition period.

With the issue threatening to stall agreement on the transition period, a deal had been struck, Barnier said, although more work needed to be done.

"Good progress I understand but let's see why Barnier and Davis have to say", a senior European Union source told AFP on condition of anonymity when asked if there was an agreement.

Allie Renison, head of Europe and trade policy at the Institute of Directors, broadly welcomed the progress but added: "We are concerned that not enough attention is being given now to the finer details and practical implications of transition". This section of the agreement remains in the official papers, but has not been agreed.

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