Grading blockbuster trade between New York Jets and Indianapolis Colts

New York Jets quarterback Josh McCown right celebrates with teammates after scoring a two-point conversion during the second half of an NFL football game against the Kansas City Chiefs in East Rutherford N.J. Mc Cown was wid

Grading blockbuster trade between New York Jets and Indianapolis Colts

And what they say to their fans in the process is this: We are as exhausted of waiting for a quarterback as you are.

We liked [Webb] down in Carolina [when Gettleman was GM] in the draft. The move, then, is really a giant one, in all ways. I'm sure Denzel Ward would be in the mix too if they move back some.

For the Jets, you would have to think they're moving up with an eye on drafting a quarterback.

Maybe the Jets this time will be the Eastwood, not the Wallach. They could decide to stay with the fourth pick and choose Ohio State cornerback Denzel Ward after trading for Randall. As it stands, Metro has slated five quarterbacks going in the opening 32 picks in USC's Sam Darnold, UCLA's Josh Rosen, Wyoming's Josh Allen, Oklahoma's Baker Mayfield and Louisville's Lamar Jackson.

The Jets announce, and in lights, that they are exhausted of waiting for things to break their way, even after re-signing Josh McCown and trading for Teddy Bridgewater. His production and off-the-charts production would make him a great fit in a rapidly-improving Browns defense. That counts a million times over for quarterbacks. None of this is breaking news, by the way, to Maccagnan.

"Look, one of our goals - we looked in free agency, and we just didn't feel like we were at a point to where we wanted to add some of the guys at the price that they were at", Ballard told the team's official website over the weekend.

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Whether or not the Jets sit at the three spot will depend on just how exhausted of waiting Maccagnan has grown.

The New York Giants sit in a spot of premium value going into the 2018 National Football League draft with the No. 2 overall pick.

But know this: Maccagnan and the Jets are right to do this. For that reason, it isn't surprising Beane isn't ready to make a move yet. Just a year ago, the Bears gave up four draft picks (one first round pick, two third round picks, and a fourth round pick) to move up from the third to the second overall pick in the draft.

The bottom eventually fell out. This draft is so QB and defensive heavy that they could get a stud in the second. They have the draft pick ammunition and hold two first round picks in this years draft.

But Mike Maccagnan is exhausted of being stuck in the middle. The recently retired, and future Hall-of-Fame offensive tackle Joe Thomas blocked for an astounding TWENTY different starting quarterbacks over his career. Either way, the Browns will be watching the Giants closely as their pick at two will dictate the options left for Dorsey and his war room.

While that has been their previous mode of operations, the front office under their new general manager may operate differently. He would nearly certainly have been available at six. Again: Not breaking news. Of all the quarterback-needy teams out there who would covett the Colts' number three overall pick, it was none other than the New York Jets that acquired it. But both QBs signed one-year deals - McCown for $10 million, Bridgewater for a reported $5 million with incentives that could boost the value to $15 million - making it clear that both would likely be stopgaps while the team developed a young quarterback to play in 2019.

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