Trump Still Touts Pennsylvania Visit After GOP Candidate's Loss to a Democrat

A White House official and a Senate Democratic aide say the White House has offered a two-and-a-half-year extension of President Barack Obama's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA.

Republicans are losing members in three seats that Democrats intend to target.

The Trump administration is putting pressure on Senate Republicans to fight back against opposition efforts to delay its agenda, especially if GOP discussions with Democrats about bipartisan changes to Senate rules flounders.

According to another Gallup poll released last week, three out of four more specific proposals to prevent school shootings that received the broadest base of support directly address Americans' concerns about school security and mental health.

Republican Ted Howze, a former Turlock city councilman and longtime Denham supporter, filed to run against him, insisting, "I'm running on my own merits, not to be somebody's shadow candidate".

"I have been talking to my colleagues about what they and we can do to help put us in the majority", Crowley said. For most of the past 70 years, deficits fell when unemployment improved; today, with unemployment at a mere 4.1 percent, we're engaging in huge deficit-financed stimulus. Republicans are far less likely than Democrats to say they have heard "a lot" about this charge.

Marino is pretty safe, he said, adding, "I think Casey will be hard to beat". Almost 1 in 5 voters in 2016 admitted they held unfavorable feelings toward both Trump and Clinton.

Still, the poll showed Democratic voters may be more motivated than their Republican counterparts this year.

There's much to gain and little to lose by laying out an unapologetically liberal series of campaign promises focused on addressing the problems of the poor and middle class, as well as such scandalously neglected crises as the opioid epidemic, excessive military spending and out-of-control college tuition costs.

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After the IDC voted en masse against the GOP budget plan, one Republican warned that the items sought by the breakaway Dems could wind up stripped from the final budget plan.

Partisans also agree that some things are morally wrong: extramarital affairs, cloning humans, killing animals for their fur, and hunting animals for sport. And they're running in a state that is now deeply red.

Among Republicans, there is an enormous difference in opinion between men and women. Kwame Raoul. There are two Republican candidates, Erika Harold and Gary Grasso.

The parties clearly are different on other issues: abortion, the death penalty, doctor-assisted suicide, premarital sex, and gay and lesbian sexual relationships. Challengers this time include his 2016 opponent, Michael Eggman, and three other Democrats who have raised more than $100,000.

Denny Wolff, Gary Wegman, and Laura Quick are the Democratic candidates. Most Republicans find the death penalty acceptable.

In races big and small, Democrats are going to be battling to move the country in the right direction, he said.

For years now, Democrats have been obsessed with the prospect of flipping Texas from a reliably Republican state to a competitive one, convinced that once such a major domino falls, Republicans will never be able to muster a national majority.

In several of the most vulnerable districts with large numbers of potential Democratic challengers, well-known Republicans have also filed their candidacies.

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