Facebook's Zuckerberg asked to give evidence on data row


Facebook's Zuckerberg asked to give evidence on data row

Mr Nix had denied that Cambridge Analytica had any involvement in the Brexit referendum.

Chief Executive of Cambridge Analytica (CA) Alexander Nix, . "Of course, the biggest problem with this scandal isn't that Cambridge Analytica is shady-it's that Facebook is".

The app, which took information from the participants profile, as well as from the profiles of their friends, was downloaded by 270,000 people, leading to information on more than 50 million Facebook users. Bannon was also on the firm's board for two years (2014-206).

On Tuesday, Wylie said he found Facebook's reaction to the revelations freakish. "And the real question is, how did the Russians know how to target their messages so precisely to undecided voters in Wisconsin or MI or Pennsylvania - that is really the nub of the question", Clinton said in the interview. "That was the basis that the entire company was built on".

But in late September 2016, after Trump had achieved the Republican nomination, the campaign's digital director, Brad Parscale, and Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, instead chose to use the Republican National Committee's data for the final run of the campaign, according to CBS News.

"It was a grossly unethical experiment", said Wylie in an interview with the Guardian. Today, Zuckerberg was personally summoned by the U.K. House of Commons' Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) Committee to provide evidence on the latest developments in the Cambridge Analytica case.

The company, Cambridge Analytica, has been accused of improperly using information from more than 50 million Facebook accounts. The agency is investigating whether the social media platform violates data use without consent on the wake of revelation from Cambridge Analytica. For most people reading this post, that will mean unchecking every category.

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Zuckerberg has remained mum amid the backlash, and has not publicly responded to the letter.

Facebook held an "open meeting" on Tuesday morning, according to the Daily Beast, the first time that Facebook employees have been able to ask questions of their bosses about the issues in a live setting.

Facebook has been riddled with controversy nearly since its inception, but things have cranked up a notch over the past 18 months, with Russian's influence on the US election a key area of focus.

Facebook's probe, though, may have to wait until government authorities complete their investigation.

Authorities from the UK Information Commissioner's Office are in the process of obtaining a search warrant to examine the internal servers of the firm. The officers have asked Facebook auditors to stand down in the meantime.

This breach, Wyden wrote, "throws into question not only the prudence and desirability of Facebook's business practices and the dangers of monetizing consumers' private information, but also raises serious concerns about the role Facebook played in facilitating and permitting the covert collection and misuse of consumer information". When we learned of this violation in 2015, we removed his app from Facebook and demanded certifications from Kogan and all parties he had given data to that the information had been destroyed. The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada said Monday it wants Facebook to reveal whether any Canadians had personal information compromised.

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