'No justification' for targeting civilians: Singapore condemns missile attacks on Saudi Arabia

GETTY  TWITTEROne person was reportedly killed by falling debris following the missile attack

GETTY TWITTEROne person was reportedly killed by falling debris following the missile attack

The Saudi-led coalition fighting Yemen's Houthi movement said on Monday that ballistic missile attacks on Saudi Arabia were a serious escalation and threat to regional and worldwide security.

Saudi air defenses intercepted the seven ballistic missiles fired at the kingdom, including three that were shot down over Riyadh, authorities said Monday.

The missiles targeted at four places, the capital city of Riyadh being one of them.

The rebels confirmed they had launched missiles at Riyadh as well as the southern cities of Khamis Mushait, Jizan and Najran.

"The missiles launched against Saudi territory were smuggled from Iran", coalition spokesman Turki al-Malki told reporters on Monday.

War songs, poems and speeches condemning the United States, the main arms supplier for the Saudi-led coalition, echoed across the square.

Ending the bombing would be tantamount to handing victory to the Houthis-and by extension to Iran, which is accused by the kingdom of providing missiles and other weapons to the rebels in Yemen.

But Ahmed, who residents say had been working in Riyadh as a daily wage laborer for around a year and a half, is the first civilian reported to be killed in the capital from the strikes.

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However, videos shared online appeared to show a Saudi defence missile veering off course and crashing into a residential neighbourhood.

"Pakistan commends the Government of Saudi Arabia for destroying the missiles and limiting the casualties", a Foreign Office spokesperson said in a statement on the string of latest attacks.

During his speech a year ago at the United Nations General Assembly, President Donald Trump accused Iran of funding terrorists and creating a unsafe missile arsenal.

"They may make similar moves in order to be seen to be doing something, but it won't really change the dynamics of the conflict", said Jane Kinninmont, Middle East expert at Chatham House in London. On Sunday, missiles were fired toward Saudi Arabia. "In addition, as a result of this development, the logistical, tactical, intelligence and military cooperation between the United States and Saudi Arabia will more likely increase, which would pave the way to more effectively counter Iran regime and its militias".

The small crisis took the form of a war within no time which involved many sides.

So far, the war with Yemen has caused more than 10,000 fatalities, and has displaced more than two million people.

The Yemen war began in early 2015, when Houthi rebels - a minority Shia group from the north of the country - drove out the US-backed government, led by President Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi, and took over Sanaa.

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