Good Friday walk in downtown Greensboro

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Good Friday walk in downtown Greensboro

IPOH, March 30 ― Thousands of Catholics attended the Good Friday service at the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes here today.

The bishop cited several reasons why people stumble, including: deep hurt or mistreatment caused by others, inordinate attraction to the things of this world, the onerous burden of life's trials and crosses as well as the death of loved ones. He also said the blood that oozed from Jesus' hands has helped Christians regain dominion over all that they touch.

Robert said that in the Catholic perspective, there are three sections in the Good Friday service.

It depicted the final Journey of Jesus Christ to the mount Calvary where he was crucified. While the 2,000-year-old storyline stays the same, Tremblay said the crowd has gotten bigger and the production value better over the years he has watched it.

Since it's done every year, preparations for the next year never stop.

"Jesus said that we would find him among the poor, among the hungry, among the imprisoned, and among the enslaved", Spilde explained. God - in his infinite mercy and love, however, does not want us to suffer the consequences of our sins. "I'm just sad he's not taller", she said. The early Christians took over the festivals and turned the pagan festivals of new life to mean the new life that Jesus gave the world when he rose from the dead.

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But then why is this particular Friday - a day marked as Jesus" death day - called "Good' Friday?

"Good Friday is a somber occasion, but we always have in mind Easter Sunday and that's joyous", noted Rossiter, while a bleak rain swept backdrop behind him reflected the image of the event.

Indore: The members of Christian community from different parts of the city gathered at Red Church for Good Friday prayer service.

Well, the easiest explanation is that Good Friday is "good" because it is a holy day; the day Jesus Christ "died on a cross to save the humanity,".

As a bagpiper sounded "Amazing Grace", two parishioners carried a large wooden cross as they led others through the borough, stopping at three other churches as leaders read a portion of the Gospel of St. Mark.

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