Dad attempts Minecraft marathon record for World Autism Awareness Day

Teacher training program. Courtesy ACE

Teacher training program. Courtesy ACE

In the United States, one in every 68 school children are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and according to the CDC, it's 4.5 times more prevalent among boys than girls. While the indicators and harshness of this spectrum can vary widely between individuals, improved vigilance may help caregivers seek specialized assistance much early in a youngster's life.Early detection and intervention can help children attain their full ability.

When it comes to girls with disabilities, they usually do not complete primary school education.

In Regina, the Autism Resource Centre provides such supports. Teacher training program. Courtesy: ACE.The ACE workforce.

A development disorder that renders one unfit for socially approved form of communication; a disorder that makes the sufferer repeat behaviours unintentionally; a disorder that makes one stand out so vividly in a crowd that he/she needs a professional to cure depression caused by loneliness. "Patients need social acceptance and intervention at an early stage". We also seek to maximise learning by providing a consistent and safe environment.

Proud mum Amanda said: "It wasn't until people started commenting on her book that we began to see the parallel between it and Elizabeth's own struggles". Last year, iconic sites like the Niagara Falls, the pyramids of Giza, Mumbai's Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus and Delhi's Qutab Minar went blue.

Most people with autism engage in repetitive behaviours (like flapping their hands, rocking or obsessively focussing on one particular activity).

The lack of awareness in society adds to the pressure the family faces.

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"The most important thing to be aware about during Autism Awareness Month", said Chicagoland mother Lisa Orsic, "is that children have ALREADY recovered from autism".

Amongst these, it is the sensory-friendly movie screening initiative partaken by ACE that is a breakthrough achievement for autism in India.


"The dad-of-two also wants to highlight: "[That] autistic people are bullied at a hugely disproportionate rate compared to people without autism. Courtesy: ACE.Awareness walks and flash mobs at public spaces.

Through our work in AsIAm, we have been able to help some incredible organisations doing just that.

AUTISM is a word that everyone has heard.

"There always this question, what about our children, after we are no more", said Parul Kumtha, the founding member and president of Forum For Autism, a group that is demanding for an increase in facilities for vocational training for adults with autism.

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