Responsible steps available to curb gun violence

Responsible steps available to curb gun violence

Responsible steps available to curb gun violence

"Everyone our age, everyone in high school has grown up in the era of school shootings".

As an American, I'm anxious that the most recent political marches aren't promoting change - rather they represent a diffusion of responsibility.

A day after the Legislature passed a sweeping gun control bill, supporters of gun rights held a rally on the Statehouse steps to call the legislation unenforceable and unconstitutional. Most also felt negatively about the idea of arming school teachers. And I think it wise to pay attention to our third president.

"Oregon deserves a culture where gun owners behave responsibly", said Paul Kemp, one of the petitioners.

To his left was School A and to his right was School B. The only difference was that the sign to the left said "Armed Staff on Duty" and the sign to the right said "Gun Free Zone". "And I wouldn't mind having one of those guns; it would be nice having in the gun cabinet".

When New Jersey students were asked whether the minimum age to buy assault weapons should be raised to 21, "30 percent agreed that the minimum age should be increased, and 42 percent strongly agreed, so almost 75 percent of students in New Jersey agreed that the minimum age should be raised".

"It's time this crap stopped", said John Bryce.

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Americans have seen political marches as a vehicle for change for decades, but have yet to notice that they aren't taking us as far as we would like.

She, like many other locals, owns firearms and uses them regularly. "We had to rise up and say what we felt about this issue", said Aryelle Jacobsen, a senior from A.C. Reynolds High School and one of the student organizers of the event. "What it's allowing us to do is look at gun violence through lenses that help us understand how statistics relate to human lives and human stories". Is this the country we want for our children when we are capable of making it safer? The NRA fearmongering that creates an uncontrollable narrative that "a bad guy" is out to get you has little basis in fact.

"I'm here for the 2nd Amendment, that's why I'm here", he said. "I realized the true power of weapons available to private citizens and told myself, 'Enough is enough'".

"The march is just the beginning of this student-led movement", Du said. For this reason, lawmakers have been resistant to pass any legislation that could be construed as infringing on gun ownership, fearful that doing so would cost them votes. They are common sense measures to tamp down gun violence that results in the murder and maiming of innocent people.

Gleason emphasized that the time for action is now.

The measure would require gun owners to secure their firearms with a trigger, cable lock or in a locked container, when they are not carrying or controlling the gun.

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