Facebook says it should have audited Cambridge Analytica

Protestors Call For Consumer Protection And Privacy Outside Facebook HQ

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The company says it has been removing Zuckerberg's messages from the inboxes of various people for several years.

A Facebook spokesperson was quoted as saying in the report.

The company apologised for not doing so sooner.

Following this most recent revelation about Facebook's proposed medical research project, ACC president Michael Valentine told The Guardian no data had been shared and the health group is committed the US's strict health privacy legislation. Facebook said the feature was developed after the Sony data hack in 2014, which exposed a trove of sensitive internal communications. The company has also asked users to report if they see an unlabelled political ad. The requirement for issue ads is new. Indeed, Facebook also reportedly claims live broadcasts from verified Pages increased by "50 percent" in 2017.

Facebook disclosed in September that Russians under fake names had used the social network to try to influence US voters in the months before and after the 2016 election, writing about inflammatory subjects, setting up events and buying ads. She also said Facebook could never have a full opt-out option for users who do not want their data shared without turning into a paid service. Whenever they click a "like" button on the website, that information often gets fed back to Facebook, along with a list of the websites visited and any Facebook-specific cookies the browser might have collected.

It has admitted that globally, data on about 87 million people - against the earlier believed 50 million - may have been improperly shared with Cambridge Analytica with nearly 80% of users being in the US.

Facebook's troubles are nowhere near over, especially after it revealed on Wednesday that as many 87 million users may have been affected in the Cambridge Analytica data scandal. We don't know exactly how Facebook plans to design unsend-and given that their timeline for it is months long, they may not either-but there's a reason it doesn't already exist in every other messaging app. "We're also announcing that people who manage Pages with large numbers of followers will need to be verified", said Goldman.

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The social network is facing mounting pressure over data breach scandal.

"As is evidenced by the recent election between Trump and Clinton, or with the U.K. European Union referendum, the traditional polling companies are unable to accurately predict outcomes", the document said.

As a response to Facebook's announcement, Cambridge Analytica tweeted that it had not received more than 30 million records of user data and that when they learned that the data had been improperly obtained they "immediately deleted the raw data" from their file server and began removing derivatives from their system.

Meanwhile chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg earlier on Friday said the company should have conducted an audit after learning that a political consultancy improperly accessed user data almost three years ago.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg prepares to face Congress on Tuesday, and No. 2 executive Sheryl Sandberg is on a media blitz as the company tries to contain swirling concerns about how it protects the data of its 2.2 billion members. Far from it, it seems that not a day goes by without some new piece of information which paints Facebook and company CEO Mark Zuckerberg in an unfavorable light.

It says Facebook representatives in Indonesia could face up to 12 years in prison and a fine of $871,000, if convicted. Facebook has also stopped third-party apps from accessing personal information and details such as birthdays and political affiliation.

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