Indonesia Examining Whether Facebook Breached Laws on Data

Indonesia Examining Whether Facebook Breached Laws on Data

Indonesia Examining Whether Facebook Breached Laws on Data

Earlier this week, Facebook showed country-specific break-up of people affected by the data breach, saying information of up to 87 million people, mostly in the USA, may have been "improperly" shared with British political consultancy firm Cambridge Analytica via a quiz app, "thisisyourdigitallife", between November 2013 and December 2015. "I'm really sorry for that".

"Our intention is to be able to pull back the curtain and to be able to explain and expose for the public, for parliamentarians, for civil society, what happens with their personal information in the context of political advertising and political messaging", she said. "You build something, someone tries to abuse it".

"We should have done this earlier", Sandberg said, but they are trying to make up for lost time. "And the answer to that is yes". The company line is that Facebook was focusing too much on building "community" and "social experiences". She also told Judy Woodruff on PBS Newshour that "we just weren't thinking enough about the bad use cases".

Facebook has been scrambling for weeks in the face of the disclosure of the hijacking of private data by the British consulting group working for Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign. The company on Wednesday said that up to 87 million people, mostly in the US, may have had their data improperly shared by political targeting firm Cambridge Analytica.

"We thought the data had been deleted and we should have checked", Sandberg said. "We did not follow up and confirm, and that's on us? and particularly once they were active in the election, we should have done that".

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"The mitigating factor is that this data is voluntarily given to Facebook by its users, who should have known the objective of its use by the platform, but Facebook should have been a lot more forthcoming about that too", argues Ed Morrissey at Hot Air. "We also think it's important for people to be able to see the other ads a Page is running, even if they're not directed at you". Is it going to be against Facebook policy to run a Black Lives Matter page if you're a Russian living in St. Petersburg, for instance? He also threw his company's support behind the Honest Ads Act, a US Senate bill: "Election interference is a problem that's bigger than any one platform".

The company's chief operating officer told NBC's "Today" show that Facebook is now undertaking that audit. However, Facebook is still purporting to have a lot more control over the situation than it may actually have; putting together the picture that's emerged from the last couple of weeks, things are a huge mess.

Htaike Htaike Aung, executive director of one of the groups, Myanmar ICT for Development Organization, says Facebook has been a useful tool for people in Myanmar to exercise freedom of expression, but it had failed to effectively enforce rules to make it a safe community for all.

Zuckerberg on Thursday took questions from reporters during an hour-long teleconference.About the issues of privacy and manipulation on the service, he said, "I wish that I could snap fingers and in three months or six months have solved all these issues".

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