Apple reportedly working on iPhone touchless gesture controls

Tablets								Image Source Apple

Tablets Image Source Apple

Even Apple's new iPhone X, which introduced new facial recognition technology and a almost all-screen front, failed to universally impress reviewers.

Apparently, Apple is going to achieve another milestone by letting its users to interact with their phones without tapping them. iPhone users will just need to make some gestures to perform certain tasks.

A Bloomberg report in April suggested that Apple is working on curved-screen phones. Samsung Galaxy S smartphones have had curved screens since quite some time.

Apple's future iPhones might look much different-and ditch touch controls altogether. The screen curvature is reported to bend inward gradually from top to bottom, unlike Samsung phones which curve on the screen's left and right edges.

Instagram for Apple Watch was one of the first social network apps to appear on watchOS, built back when such apps had to be paired with an iPhone. The current iPhone X has an OLED screen that curves a bit at the bottom, but most humans aren't able to see the curve. Bloomberg noted that a curved iPhone won't release for another two or three years.

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Apple's touchless gestures will be different here as well. However, it was later discarded by the company due to lack of interest among consumers. This would go along with a curved screen, a feature that has made leading manufacturers scratch their heads.

The cost of MicroLED could limit Watch use to higher-end models.

Being dependent for device displays on other companies, who are also in competition, was not at all alluring for Apple. Apple is thought to be developing a custom OS, internally nicknamed "rOS" for "reality operating system".

Apple has been the leader in innovation ever since its inception. Apple is still in the early development stages with those technologies.

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