Apple's making curved iPhone screens that support air gestures

Apple's making curved iPhone screens that support air gestures

Apple's making curved iPhone screens that support air gestures

Obviously an iPhone that's created to be curved would be a different story entirely.

The company is also researching on various holographic display features.

The other part of the report also isn't entirely new - we've heard rumors about the iPhone with a curved screen for years.

One of the main reasons why last year's iPhone X launch garnered so much attention and excitement is that the device finally represented a new take on a smartphone design that, to be honest, had grown somewhat stagnant. Instead of putting the sensors in the bezel, the entire screen would act as a sensor to detect finger proximity and position. Air Gestures have been around since the launch of the Galaxy S4.

Apparently, Apple is going to achieve another milestone by letting its users to interact with their phones without tapping them. iPhone users will just need to make some gestures to perform certain tasks.

Moreover, Apple is also working on a new display that will replace current OLED display.

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The second screen is a more extreme example which shows an iPhone that's several years old or has a battery that's losing an unusual amount of charge. The curves will presumably be a lot more noticeable than the slightly curved display on the bottom of the iPhone X.

According to the report, Apple's bendy blower could be here in "two or three years". However, it was later discarded by the company due to lack of interest among consumers.

Apple's touchless gestures will be different here as well.

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman writes that Apple is working on the projects to "differentiate its most-important product in an increasingly crowded market", sourcing people familiar with the matter. Perhaps that's why it started developing MicroLEDs in its secret manufacturing facility and it will debut in Apple Watch.

Apple has been the leader in innovation ever since its inception. In an attempt to leave their competitors in the dust, Apple is working on new technology that will make iPhone's absolutely irresistible.

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