Approximately 87 million Facebook users possibly compromised

Zuckerberg set for trial by fire in first testimony

Approximately 87 million Facebook users possibly compromised

"If a company collects a person's data for a certain goal, it has to obtain their consent - and under the new rules it's explicit and affirmative consent - if it wants to forward it to a third party or use it for a different objective", Wigand said.

Last month, a former employee of the United Kingdom consulting firm, Cambridge Analytics, accused the company of taking personal information from 270,000 Facebook users through a personality quiz - as well as the data of their friends.

The audit of Cambridge Analytica is on hold, in deference to a United Kingdom investigation.

The interview was one of several Sandberg gave on Thursday explaining how the Cambridge Analytica breach took place and taking responsibility for the company's handling of users' data, which the company has said were "improperly shared".

"This applies to all advertiser Pages on Facebook - not just Pages running political ads".

The new updates, Facebook said, are created to prevent future abuse in elections.

At present, Zuckerberg has over 106 million friends and followers on Facebook.

The company could have done an audit but did not, she said.

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Facebook, on the other hand, has built an entire business on selling ads that target users based on information they provide. Facebook is making the acknowledgement Friday after TechCrunch first reported the tactic. To verify addresses, it will mail a postcard with a unique code that the recipient can then enter into Facebook.

The hospital data sharing proposal was discovered by CNBC reporter Christina Farr. Why did they wait until now to take decisive action?

"As we find more Cambridge Analyticas, we're going to find a comprehensive way to put them out and make sure people see them", Sandberg said. This does not mean the company is planning to let users do this.

All third-party apps using the Groups API will now need approval from Facebook and an admin to ensure they benefit the group. Neither can they opt entirely out of Facebook's data collection.

The step is meant to prevent the kind of foreign interference in elections that the US saw from Russian Federation in 2016 and continues to experience.

Some digging by the Guardian has already suggested that AggregateIQ may have mined data from Facebook in relation to the Brexit vote, but all of these investigations are still ongoing. Over the past three weeks the scandal continued to spiral. Christopher Wylie, a whistleblower who once worked at Cambridge Analytica, has said that it worked with Canadian company AggregateIQ. Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have hammered Facebook over its dealings with Cambridge Analytica and have called on Zuckerberg to answer questions on Capitol Hill.

Two billion people use Facebook, Guthrie noted.

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