Facebook to require verification for political ads

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Quitting Facebook equals de-stressing finds the study

TechCrunch reported that Facebook has been quietly deleting the messages CEO Mark Zuckerberg has sent via Messenger. Those changes will be rolled out later this spring, Facebook says. Instead, the Commissioner's finding came after Facebook refused a complainant access to personal information held on the accounts of several other Facebook users.

Facebook has plans to introduce a new "unsend" feature in order to prevent users from deleting their profiles. The company apologized for not doing so sooner. Looking into the condition, the social media service provide has become very careful in regards to it's users. Facebook said that the feature exists for corporate security reasons related to the Sony hack of 2014, but it yet feels elitist, especially in the light of broader critiques of the privacy practices of the company. The company doesn't have logs going back that far, he said, so it can't know exactly how many people may have been affected.

Her comments echoed Zuckerberg's earlier statement that the Cambridge Analytica data breach was "my responsibility ..."

The move to authorize issue-based ads comes on top of the changes Facebook rolled out in October, when it said advertisers running federal-election-related ads in the USA would be required to verify their identities and include disclosures. With billions of people involved, Facebook is trying to tame the flame. The issue ads requirement is new. Facebook will mail them a letter with a special code to confirm the address.

The company disclosed in September that Russians using fake names had used the social network to try to influence United States voters in the months before and after the 2016 election.

Ms Sandberg also told NBC that if users were able to opt out of being shown ads, "at the highest level, that would be a paid product".

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In its response to the government's notice, Facebook said 335 users in India had installed the personality quiz app "thisismydigitallife" developed by Kogan.

He said he was confident Facebook could "get in front" of the problem.

This facility is not available for regular Facebook users.

Facebook announced changes to its political advertising policy on Friday ahead of CEO Mark Zuckerberg's expected appearance in Washington next week.

The move also comes amid concerns that Russian-sponsored entities delivered Facebook ads designed to create discord and confusion ahead of the election and that firms like Cambridge Analytica created messages based on psychographic profiles gleaned from the platform to influence voters. For one, Facebook executives took almost five days to respond to the Cambridge Analytica reports. In a blog post, the company's executives said they're consulting third parties to determine the specific topics that would trigger its new disclosure rules, which Facebook said would evolve over time.

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