France condemns Israel "indiscriminate fire" in Gaza

Palestinian journalist Yasser Murtaja was reportedly killed by gunshot from the Israeli soldiers. The Israeli military estimated Friday's turnout at 20,000.

Israel and Egypt have blockaded Gaza for the last decade, ever since Hamas took control, and travel out of Gaza is severely restricted.

Hamas has refused to give up its weapons - even at the cost of derailing talks on getting Abbas to assume the burden of governing Gaza, seen by Israel and Egypt as a prerequisite for opening Gaza's borders. The wounded Palestinian was taken to hospital in serious condition.

A Palestinian man has succumbed to wounds he sustained due to Israeli gunfire in the occupied West Bank last week, according to his brother.

The Jerusalem Post reported that Saudi and Egyptian officials had opened contacts with Hamas leaders to call for an end to the weekly protests in Gaza.

Earlier, Hamas spokesman Hazem Qassem urged protesters to keep the rallies peaceful.

Mona al-Shaar, 43, who was distributing bottles of vinegar to protesters east of Khan Yunis to dab onto tissues to help them cope with tear gas, said: "We came here for the land and for a better future".

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In 2013, the only entrance to Gaza not controlled by Israel, Rafah, was nearly completely closed by Cairo. Corbyn said he stood in "solidarity" with Israelis who took to the streets to protest their government's actions and added: "The silence from worldwide powers with the responsibility of bringing a just settlement of the Israel-Palestine conflict must end".

Having failed to condemn Israel's premeditated slaughter last week, the European Union put out a statement Thursday night urging Palestinians to "avoid any incitement to violence" and to "remain strictly nonviolent", even though not a single Israeli has been reported injured as a result of the protests.

Israelis say allowing the so-called "right of return" would mean their country would cease to exist.

Piles of tyres were set on fire in an attempt to create a smokescreen to block the view of Israeli snipers. Others launched stones with slingshots.

The events in Gaza and the threat of renewed conflict underlines the urgent necessity of genuine negotiations to achieve a viable two-state settlement that delivers peace, justice and security to both Palestinians and Israelis.
Israel tried to douse the burning rubber with jets of water directed over defensive dirt mounds on its side of the border. It marks the anniversary of the foundation of Israel by the theft of Palestinian land and dispossession of tens of thousands of people.

The army denies using excessive force, saying it is fulfilling its mission to thwart infiltrations and protect Israeli border communities by using "warnings, riot dispersal and as a last resort live rounds in a precise, measured way".

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