Police Identify Suspected Shooter In YouTube Headquarters Attack

Police Identify Suspected Shooter In YouTube Headquarters Attack

Police Identify Suspected Shooter In YouTube Headquarters Attack

During the search, officers found a woman, who was declared dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Her father, Ismail Aghdam, reportedly said she thought the company was censoring her content.

In past social media posts, she accused YouTube of filtering her content, which includes videos of her dancing and speaking in Farsi and Turkish, and restricting it by age. Aghdam went to a gun range hours before the shooting, but before that, Mountain View Police officers questioned her at this Walmart parking lot where she was sleeping in her auto.

A police official said officers found Nasim Aghdam sleeping in her auto around 2 a.m. about 48 kilometers from YouTube headquarters. Police are still working to determine the level of security in the location where she entered the campus.

Aghdam's brother also told ABC the suspect was 38 at the time of the shooting and would have turned 39 on Wednesday. In one post she said, "you will be suppressed for telling the truth that is not supported by the system".

Her brother said he looked up the location of that town on Google and when he learned it was about 30 miles away from the headquarters of YouTube, he called the police back.

She explained she'd left home due to family problems and remained calm throughout the conversation, Mountain View Police Chief Max Bosel said.

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According to Aghdam's family, she was "angry" that YouTube had stopped paying her for online videos and had taken down her material.

Mountain View Police officers found Aghdam sleeping in her vehicle on Monday evening, the newspaper reported.

Based on a variety of weirdness on YouTube video sharing platform, one can't conclude that an aggressive psychopath is behind one, but reviewing Nasime's videos it is beyond any doubt that she was deranged. She was let go because she did not appear to be a threat to herself or others.

However, authorities have not been able to confirm how many total shots were fired and that there is a possibility that the first magazine may have not been fully loaded.

Police said there is no evidence Aghdam knew the victims or personally targeted them.

Police were called to the headquarters just before 1 p.m. and were on scene within two minutes.

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