Hulu and Spotify to offer single video and music streaming subscription

Mark Singerman
Jake Miller

Mark Singerman Jake Miller

Spotify will be hoping, by loosening restrictions on the Free service, to attract more users from the paid-only Apple Music platform. Last summer they launched Spotify Premium bundled with Hulu's TV service with limited ads for Dollars 4.99 per month for students.

Still, it's an interesting alternative to conventional bundling of TV with internet or phone service. Starting this summer, customers can purchase a Spotify and Hulu bundle subscription for $12.99 per month. They could save a few dollars by buying the bundle instead of subscribing to both services separately.

Spotify and Hulu previously joined forces previous year to offer a $5 subscription bundle for students, and the success of that offering sounds like it was a big reason for this new bundle.

The deal bundles the $9.99 Spotify Premium subscription and the standard $7.99 Hulu with Limited Commercials tier, for a $5 saving.

Bloomberg notes that less than half of the company's customers are premium users - yet 90 percent of Spotify's €4.09 billion revenue in 2017 was generated by its free user base.

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Spotify users interested in the Spotify, Hulu bundle can go to the bundle page on Spotify.

If you're a PS Plus subscriber who already subscribes to Spotify Premium on PS4, you will see the savings appear on your next billing cycle.

'This is just one example of how we can add value to our premium members day after day'.

To sign up the bundle, follow the official Spotify website. It just announced a deal that combines Spotify Premium and video streaming service Hulu into one $12.99 monthly subscription, expanding a deal that was offered to students to everyone.

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