Students march, protest gun violence

Moms Demand Action
Credits Daniela Gonzalez

Moms Demand Action Credits Daniela Gonzalez

"I know full and well that three years from now is going to come and go and I can't feel good about her going to school unless we have things change", she said. Fort Worth school board members Anael Luebanos and Ann Sutherland said they plan to attend the march. "When politicians send their thoughts and prayers with no action, we say no more". A recent incident was when a 14 year old posted to the New England Patriots wide receiver, "I'm going to shoot up my school; watch the news".

Scott sympathizes with gun violence victims. Seattle radio host John Carlson's gun reform proposal, outlined in the Wall Street Journal, boils America's violent crime problem down to one issue; people who shouldn't have guns do.

The candidates' ideas on how to deal with gun violence were mixed.

Though invited, no Republicans appeared at any town halls, and numerous forums featured empty chairs to symbolize their absences. Once the restraining order is granted, law enforcement can temporarily remove the guns.

Pearl Stuart, Grace Clendening and Aiden Perkinson said the tragedy in Parkland, Florida, in February affected them deeply because for the first time, they were teenagers at the time of a mass school shooting. It was very quiet in the room, and we heard a loud bang. It's such a melting pot of different opinions.

A student-led forum on how to end gun violence posed a series questions to Democratic Congressman Brian Higgins and Grand Island Town Supervisor Nate McMurray, a Democrat who is running against Chris Collins for the 27th Congressional District this fall. We acknowledge that there is a deep divide on conditions placed on gun possession, ownership, sales, safe storage, and the responsibilities we believe should be required. Laws we already have can be strengthened and the type of places where people can concealed carry can be widened. People who commit gun crimes already disregard the law so there is no reason they would voluntarily turn in their guns.

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And it's personal for Lebrun who says she lost two family members to gun violence. Are you kidding me? "I was anxious about someone shooting him". An attempt at gun control legislation was presented to Congress after the Sandy Hook shootings and failed to pass.

"I went from the mentality of just being upset, just being sad, to how can I do something", Morgan said. I don't pack a gun because I'm evil but because I have lived long enough to experience evil in the world.

Yet in Baltimore and many other United States cities, mandatory minimum sentences for gun violence has proven ineffective in reducing violent crime.

Some Chattanooga students want change when it comes to gun violence in the area.

R: We agree that through the 2nd Amendment, individuals have the right to bear arms. So I'll tell you why Grandpa is armed.

The primary for the 25th Congressional District election is June 5, between incumbent Steve Knight and challengers Bryan Caforio, Katie Hill, Jess Phoenix and Mary Pallant.

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