Vigil planned tonight at home arena of Humboldt Broncos

Vigil planned tonight at home arena of Humboldt Broncos

Vigil planned tonight at home arena of Humboldt Broncos

Carleigh Weldon was one of the survivors of that crash, and she admits the tragedy in Saskatchewan has been hard to comprehend.

Grief counsellors are expected to be on hand to provide support to those mourning their classmates.

"With people being on a hockey team, I think dynamics of losing a fellow brother, or a fellow player, it hits home", Zywina said.

You break out a deck of cards, maybe watch a DVD, or toss on your headphones and press play on your favorite playlist and hunker down with the almost two dozen teammates, more so brothers, for what will feel like countless hours. "These were our kids, and this is our community", he said.

Labelle's great uncle Lionel G. Labelle in Saskatoon said "it's nuts" when reached Monday morning. If you need an organ, then there will be people trying to find you an organ.

Fourteen others were injured in Friday's crash - some critically.

Two people have since been released from hospital and, of the dozen that remain, four were listed in critical condition. "They had the blonde hair that was supportive of their team for their playoff run, they're very similar builds, they've all very similar ages and they're all athletic of course", he explained.

It was Xavier Labelle, whose relatives had been mourning his death among the 15 killed on the bus, who was alive and recovering in hospital.

"It was chaos", he said.

The junior ice hockey players all ranged in age from 16 to 21 years of age.

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"The Labelles would have been called in", he said.

"The parents and families who've been touched by this tragedy, we feel for them", Murdocco said.

The crowdsourcing initiative surpassed that goal raising $4.3 million as of 10 p.m. ET Sunday, and the donations are continuing to pour in.

A GoFundMe campaign for the affected team, the Humboldt Broncos, has raised nearly $5.8 million ($7.3 million in Canadian dollars).

"There are no words that could express the incredible support the hockey community has seen here", she said. By mid-day Sunday, that goal was surpassed, seeing donations from more that 60,000 donors in nearly 60 different countries.

National and worldwide support poured out for the families and community affected by the crash. Mourners across Canada have been paying tribute by posting photos of hockey sticks outside of their front doors.

Many current and former NHLers have also shown their support.

The hockey stick campaign spread over social media, starting with TSN announcer Brian Munz and expanding under the hashtag #PutYourSticksOut.

"(Doerksen) spoke at length of his time in rinks with his own family and now how much he enjoyed being able to take and watch other teams from minor, to senior to SJHL to their hockey games", a spokesperson for the Tigers wrote on Facebook.

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