White House defends Trump's call to remove troops from Syria

Trump warns Assad'Big price to pay for fatal Syria attack

White House defends Trump's call to remove troops from Syria

Calling the attack "heinous" and "atrocious", the President suggested that Syria's patrons in Russian Federation and Iran may also be responsible, and seemed to imply that he would take action of some sort to punish them as well.

"We are making a decision as to what we do with respect to the terrible attack that was made near Damascus, and it will be met forcefully".

"I have lived through seven American presidents, but Trump is the craziest and his administration is unbalanced", said Abu Fadi, a retired resident".

"We are meeting with our military and everybody else and we will be making some major decisions over the next 24 to 48 hours", Trump said. "You will be responsible for it yourselves", Nebenzia said.

"But we can't let atrocities like we all witnessed. we can't let that happen in our world. especially when we're able to because of the power of the United States, the power of our country, we're able to stop it".

Trump said the U.S. is still working to determine who is directly responsible for the attack, which was widely publicized in recent days after graphic on the ground footage of victims was shown around the world.

United States: The US representative said that the situation is going worse in Syria. The diplomat referred to another recent political scandal, which has convinced western allies that Russian Federation is responsible for the poisoning of a former double agent in its ranks. The Syrian government and its ally Russian Federation deny that such an attack happened.

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In addition to Assad and Syria, Trump and his aides have also criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin and his government for not monitoring Syrian. He called it saying that they will require a "big price to pay".

"Last time this happened, the president did a targeted attack to take out some of the facilities".

The US envoy to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, said Washington "will respond" to the attack regardless of whether the UN Security Council acts or not.

It remains to be seen how the alleged attack will change the long-term strategy in Syria.

New National Security Advisor John Bolton spent his first day on the job advising the president on how to proceed. The US, she asserted, was not conducting airstrikes in Syria.

It comes as a military airfield in Syria came under missile fire yesterday, in apparent retaliation for the alleged chemical attack. His desire for a rapid withdrawal faced unanimous opposition from the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Pentagon, the State Department and the intelligence community, which argue that keeping the 2,000 US soldiers now in Syria is key to ensuring the Islamic State does not reconstitute itself. The Pentagon had denied the charge.

Tensions in the Middle East ratcheted even higher early Monday with an airstrike by unknown warplanes against a Syrian air base.

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