Why Ronda Rousey Now Is Happy About Her Two Shocking UFC Losses

Why Ronda Rousey Now Is Happy About Her Two Shocking UFC Losses

Why Ronda Rousey Now Is Happy About Her Two Shocking UFC Losses

But the question with the most long-term implications for the WWE was if their newest high-profile signee, former UFC standout Ronda Rousey, could handle the bright lights of WrestleMania.

The marquee mixed tag team match pitting Kurt Angle and Ronda Rousey against Triple H and Stephanie McMahon was next and this match more than exceeded expectations.

The finish was what it should have been. But, until she actually wrestled, all we had was the speculation that emerged over the past few weeks of how much of a natural Rousey appeared to be to those who watched her training sessions in Florida. And while Rousey got her win via armbar submission after teasing it all match, it didn't stop moments like this.

Rousey also admitted that she "underestimated" how positive of a reaction the fans would give her, and that she was "so grateful". In a true mixed tag match - which this one quickly deviated from - the opposite gender usually immediately leaves the ring when the other is tagged in, which limits physical action at times. "They really accepted me from day one". But then she got her hands on Triple H. "I'm trying my best to deserve it".

Men wrestling women can be a tricky prospect. She fell to Charlotte in their hotly anticipated WWE SmackDown Women's Championship match, falling to the Figure Eight Leg Lock, showing that she was truly ready for The Empress. You could see those extensive training sessions paid off. She unleashed her anger on him and she did it with believable ferocity. Jax had been the brunt of bullying and body-shaming for weeks, so seeing her finally reach the mountaintop was an fantastic moment.

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Indeed winning over the crowd was the real test for Rousey.

However, that all went away when she was dethroned of UFC gold by Holly Holm at UFC 193 in November 2015 as Holm knocked her out with a head kick in devastating style.

Up to that point the former champ, who joined the UFC in February 2013, had won six consecutive title defenses but the upset forced her to reconsider her future.

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