Black Adam Coming Soon Says Dwayne Johnson

The Rock is hosting HQ Trivia and his friends won't stop texting him about

The Rock is hosting HQ Trivia and his friends won't stop texting him about

Reviews for "Rampage" have not been published as of this writing.

Hollywood really doesn't want to give up on attempting to adapt video game movies for cinemas.

Over the years, DC movies have often been overshadowed by those of Marvel, which is responsible for money-spinning franchises like "Iron Man" and "Thor". Johnson talked to Yahoo about the status of Black Adam while out promoting this week's big release of Rampage.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is dapper in a suit while hitting the red carpet at the European premiere of his anticipated film Rampage held at the Cineworld Leicester Square on Wednesday (April 11) in London, England.

Of course, it's all utter rubbish - corny, loud, preposterous, unrelenting popcorn fodder - but that is its absolute beauty. In this iteration, writers Ryan Engle, Carlton Cuse, Ryan J. Condal and Adam Sztykiel have anthropomorphized the gorilla, who is now named George (played by motion-capture actor Jason Liles), the best friend of Davis Okoye (Johnson), a primatologist with a background in the Army Special Forces and anti-poaching activism, naturally. Above all of them is George an albino gorilla who Davis saved years prior to the events of the film.

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The mutated animals are soon making a beeline for Chicago, whence the bad guys are summoning the creatures. Davis ditches the skinny boys and teams up with Kate Caldwell (Harris), a disgraced geneticist who makes a far better foil for him, not least because Harris is the best part of this thing by a mile. Malin Akerman is obviously having a ton of fun oozing evil as the CEO of Energyne and Jake Lacy puts on a convincing tongue-in-cheek pastiche of Donald Trump as her brother and bumbling second in command - but neither of them get much development beyond being Evil with a capital E. Joe Manganiello and Will Yun Lee show up for a second too, but if you blink you might miss them. What follows is 100 minutes of the carnage you might expect this situation causes, along with fabulously slick CGI-laden set pieces and brilliantly written characters from the folks that brought you the equally absurd San Andreas. Okoye tags along, as does a scientist (Naomie Harris) who thinks she can help. "I like to go do something".

On production of Black Adam: "The script came in, it's great, we're working on it".

In Brad Peyton and Johnson's third project together, the production has only gotten bigger.

Black Adam had always been planned for an introduction in the upcoming Shazam movie, which will arrive on April 5, 2019, but then the decision was made to branch him off into his own film.

An opening of $35 million or more for "Rampage" will most likely be enough to unseat Paramount Pictures' "A Quiet Place" as the No. 1 movie in the US and Canada, after the horror film surprised at multiplexes with a $50-million debut.

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