Syrian media: Revels release captives in Douma

Syrian media: Revels release captives in Douma

Syrian media: Revels release captives in Douma

A Russian sponsored deal sealed on Sunday gives safe passage to rebels out of their last bastion near Damascus in return for rebel group Jaish al Islam releasing hundreds of hostages and prisoners of war. Russia's United Nations ambassador, Vassily Nebenzia, accused Washington of deliberately stoking worldwide tensions by threatening Russian Federation in a tone "beyond the threshold of what is acceptable, even during the Cold War".

Soon after word of the chemical attack spread, the USA rushed to follow the case seriously and of course this time, too, the Syrian government was in the center of the Washington blame. RT discussed the allegations with Middle East analysts.

The Assad government, in a statement posted on the state-run news agency SANA, strongly denied the allegations.

August 21, 2013: In the Damascus suburb of Ghouta, more than 200 people are reportedly killed by poison gas.

Israel, which has previously hit Syrian targets, has not commented.

Iran and Russian Federation argue the over the past few years the militants several times launched poisonous gas attacks on the civilians as well as the army personnel, killing dozens and injuring more.

The clamour for Western military intervention follows these alleged attacks is deafening, whipped up by the usual complement of neocon ideologues and regime change fanatics for whom every day is a cruise missile day. He said: "We have a lot of options militarily, and we'll be letting you know pretty soon".

The military statement came after President Vladimir Putin warned against speculation and "provocation" over the chemical weapons attack in Douma.

In March, French President Emmanuel Macron and US President Donald Trump vowed there would be "no impunity" in the event of further chemical weapons use in the conflict. USA president blames Syrian government for what he called a "mindless CHEMICAL attack".

What is the Russian argument?

Sunday's accord would tighten the government's grip on eastern Ghouta and bring it one step closer to reclaiming the whole of the Damascus suburb.

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"Reports from Douma, under the siege and bombardment by regime forces and its allies, indicate that a high number of civilians were killed yesterday evening, including families who perished in the shelters they were hiding in", a spokesman for the European Union external action service said.

What is happening in Douma?

On Sunday, Syrian state TV reported that the government had reached an agreement with Jaish al-Islam, the last remaining rebel group in Douma, to leave the enclave in the next 48 hours.

Then, during the meeting with top military leaders, he said the weekend assault "will be met and it will be met forcefully". Under the deal, 100 buses are said to be moving 8,000 fighters and 40,000 of their relatives out of the battered town.

Nearly simultaneously, the first batch of freed hostages held by the rebels in Douma arrived at an army-controlled crossing, state television showed. The town is under the control of people who are against the government. He referred to Syrian President Bashar Assad as an "animal" and pointed to a "big price to pay". It follows a weeks-long government offensive in which more than 1,600 people were killed.

The Pentagon denied any United States involvement, but analysts say Trump's remarks, which come exactly a year after he ordered a missile strike in response to a deadly sarin gas attack, suggets another assault is likely.

Rami Abdurrahman, the Observatory's chief, said most of those killed were either Iranians or members of Iran-backed groups.

April 7, 2018: A suspected chemical attack kills at least 40 people in Douma.

The Strategic Affairs and Minister of Public Security from Israel stated that a U.S. attack on the Syrian army is the military action that needs to be taken right now.

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