Xi makes surprise visit to fleet in South China Sea drill

Xi makes surprise visit to fleet in South China Sea drill

Xi makes surprise visit to fleet in South China Sea drill

With the WTO complaint, China is seeking a ruling that taxes placed on Chinese steel and aluminum imported into the United States violate global trade rules.

Xi also said China would speed up opening up of its insurance industry, with Shanghai Securities News citing a government researcher after the speech saying foreign investors should be able to hold a controlling stake or even full ownership of an insurance company in the future.

Also Thursday, President Trump said he will consider joining revised Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a trade group of 11 Pacific Rim nations, which might give the U.S. additional leverage in any talks with China.

But China's military build-up has unnerved its neighbours, particularly because of its increasing assertiveness in territorial disputes in the East and South China Seas and over Taiwan, a self-ruled territory Beijing claims as its own. They were among changes Trump had sought.

But while President Donald Trump faces continuing churn in his administration and a tough challenge in midterm congressional elections, China's Xi Jinping leads an outwardly stable authoritarian regime.

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A Chinese startup that appears to have mastered the art of keeping people glued to their smartphones also has a knack for something else: drawing the ire of China's censors.

However, for March the surplus fell to $15.4 billion from February's $21 billion, while it was also down from $17.7 billion 12 months ago. "They understand that they're doing this for the country". Ministry spokesman Gao Feng, the paper reported, said Beijing would not negotiate with the United States.

China Construction America acknowledged pausing some new U.S. investment amid trade war fears. "We have a genuine desire to increase imports and achieve a greater balance in worldwide payments under the current account", he said. So far the large threats wielded by both sides have not been implemented.

Washington says China's $375 billion trade surplus with the United States is unacceptable, and has demanded Beijing reduce it by $100 billion immediately. Monday morning, the American leader pointed out in a tweet that cars imported into the United States from China were tariffed at 2.5 percent while American cars entering the Chinese market attracted a 25 percent duty.

The country's less developed regions, including central and western China, all outpaced the national average trade growth in the January-March period. Ifeng News, with 56 million active users, is being removed for two weeks, while NetEase News with 60 million users and Tiantian Kuaibao with 45 million users are absent from most Android apps stores for one week and three days, respectively, said the reports.

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