Attention Gmail users: your emails might 'self-destruct' soon

Attention Gmail users: your emails might 'self-destruct' soon

Attention Gmail users: your emails might 'self-destruct' soon

Hopefully, if both people are on the redesigned version of Gmail, the message will just appear, and the Gmail client can handle the confidentiality requirements in the background.

If you're a fan of the current Gmail template, you don't have to worry!

Fortunately (or unfortunately) for us, researchers at Google have been working on isolating sources of audio like speech in videos, and the results they showed off yesterday are kind incredible and simultaneously terrifying.

Officially this version in the coming weeks will also be available for the test. is soon getting its first redesign in seven years, and with that new look comes some new features.

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If you're on camera, and your voice is trained within the neural network, how do you know you're not being spied on?

Still, in the wake of data privacy scandals like Facebook's recent Cambridge Analytica incident, it's nice to see companies like Google offering their users extra privacy features. Other new features are expected to include the ability to snooze emails, and Google Inbox-style automations that pull out relevant content such as order tracking numbers.

Google is also providing new layouts to the users, though details of it are limited.

She said that it would come pre-installed on all Android Oreo (Go edition) devices and would be available for devices running Android v4.3 (Jelly Bean) and above. In addition, there will be the features like "Smart Replies" with that delivers mechanical replies (powered by machine-learning concept) to the email accounts, which can be delivered with one click. A new snooze feature also lets you temporarily remove emails from your inbox until a certain time, so you can avoid certain email threads until you're ready to reply. This sidebar can display your Google Calendar, Google Keep for taking notes, or a list of your tasks. We'd seen drafts of a redesign dating back almost a year ago and heard some descriptions of the new look, but after yesterday's news, several sources shared images of the new design itself - including some new features. When someone receives an email sent with Confidential Mode, it will contain an embedded link that will allow them to view the secure content.

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