Dallas Cowboys Will Release Dez Bryant

ESPN pegs Bills a top fit for ex Cowboys WR Dez Bryant

ESPN pegs Bills a top fit for ex Cowboys WR Dez Bryant

The Dallas Cowboys released the wide receiver on April 13, and Dez didn't waste any time dragging his former employers for what they did.

At least one member of the New England Patriots would welcome Dez Bryant.

Jones claimed his bond with Bryant was among the closest he has had with any player in three decades. If he's willing to take slightly less money and perhaps even move to the slot a la Larry Fitzgerald, more teams would be interested.

Just about every wide receiver-needy team will covet Bryant, the Ravens included.

Bryant's options are likely slim with the NFL Draft just two weeks out.

Some reports suggest Bryant wants to stay in the NFC East and get the chance to play the Cowboys twice a year. Is Odell Beckham Jr., still in a class of his own?

At the recent owners meetings, Jones said he had not entertained the thought of Bryant not being on the roster in 2018.

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Instead of working with Bryant for a pay cut on his contract, ESPN reported Dallas did not offer a different contract to him. He might be looking for vengeance.

The Cowboys tried to pick up Sammy Watkins this off-season, but instead signed Allen Hurns and Deonte Thompson. Fine, the real reason is because they have cap space, need a weapon on the outside, and Dez could mentor young receivers. Garappolo has already shown us what he can do with reasonably unknown receivers, winning all four games he started with the 49ers last season.

Bryant caught six touchdowns a year ago, though rumors of his dropping off could be explained by a shift to quarterback Dak Prescott.

Bryant unleashed a string of over 20 tweets and retweets Thursday night, seemingly blaming the media for speculating whether he would be back on the team in 2018. Does this mean Dez has suspected people within the organization were out to get him?

Much like most of his career, Bryant didn't join the Cowboys without some controversy. The physical gifts are starting to fade; can Bryant evolve his game and remain productive? So far this offseason, they have added quarterback turned wide receiver Terrelle Pryor to their receiving core.

But Bryant hasn't had a 1,000-yard season since getting the new contract.

Bryant might be a big name, but it would be surprising if the Packers made a strong play for him on the open market.

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