Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Made $3 Billion During Hearings

Mark Zuckerberg’s Ex Speechwriter Is Calling BS On His Claims Of Ignorance

By David Adams

The executive's drawn out "Uh, no"-which incited giggles from the audience-actually underscores the vulnerable position his company is in, and the impetus behind the #DeleteFacebook movement, which has led many users to delete their social media accounts in recent weeks". But he warned that lawmakers should be careful in what they propose.

Butterfield also called on the Facebook chief to appoint more African-Americans to its nine-member board of directors, though he noted approvingly that former American Express head Kenneth Chenault, who was the third black CEO of a Fortune 500 company, joined the board in February and Erskine Bowles, a former University of North Carolina System president and a White House chief of staff for President Bill Clinton, has been on Facebook's board since 2011.

Facebook says it's "incredibly sorry" for a message deeming Diamond and Silk's page "unsafe" - but the sisters aren't backing down from bashing the tech giant. People own their own data, as far as he sees it.

SELYUKH: Several Democrats pressed Zuckerberg to commit to collecting as little information as possible, to even change Facebook's business model to protect user privacy. This would allow Facebook to recruit new users younger than the current minimum age of 13, even as young as 6. Ahead of the hearings, the company announced that not only had Cambridge Analytica improperly gathered data from up to 87 million users-rather than the previously reported 50 million-but also "malicious actors" had exploited the site's search features to collect information from "most" of its two billion users. These identify non-users and report back to Facebook on people's surfing habits. In any case, these issues span more firms than Facebook.

Representatives tried to unpick his points, but ultimately failed to pin him down - in part because the complexity of the subject matter allowed Zuckerberg to ask for clarification and then hem and haw over the specifics just enough to filibuster to the strict four-minute time limit.

This has a lot of people frustrated with Facebook. For most of our existence, we focused on all of the good that connecting people can do.

"So these are called shadow profiles, is that what they've been referred to by some?" he asked.

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There was a collective eye roll from educated viewers watching along.

"We have not heard from Facebook; they have not communicated with us". He said the company "limits the amount of data" it collects and uses. "Zuckerberg did as well as could be expected, but I don't think anyone in that situation would come out clean". Facebook generatesabout $9 a month per user in the U.S.by targeting you with ads.

Earlier, during the first five-hour marathon session at US Congress late on Tuesday, the Facebook CEO conveyed his concerns about the upcoming elections globally.

We also try to find out whether something bad is going on at University of Cambridge when it comes to academic use of Facebook data, as Mr Zuckerberg suggested.

But that's not entirely true.

Facebook may be making itself safer or more secure, but it hasn't answered the question of whether we should continue to interact with it at all. The reason? While the people who installed his app had consented to their data being used in research, their Facebook "friends" had not. While there was plenty to say about his actual testimony, many people couldn't seem to get past the tech mogul's courtroom look (or his use of a booster seat) while testifying. He had never heard of the widely used term "shadow profiles" to describe this kind of data collection. GDPR will give European users more control over their data, including a clear and obvious option to choose who has access to their data.

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