Lawmakers Ask Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Tougher Questions As Testimony Continues

Lawmakers Ask Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Tougher Questions As Testimony Continues

Lawmakers Ask Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Tougher Questions As Testimony Continues

This means that the next time you use the Facebook credentials to sign up for, or log in to, an app, you will not have to see the screen that wants you to accept the terms and conditions allowing the app to access Facebook data such as posts, photographs, age, etc. The CEO added that Facebook could only record audio as part of a video that's being filmed and uploaded by users.

Congresspeople including Leonard Lance (R-NJ), Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA), and Tim Walberg (R-PI) hit Zuckerberg with a laundry list of occassions when Facebook has been perceived to have been censoring conservatives. As Rep. Lujan was suggesting, it's likely that the Facebook data users are able to view on the platform is likely only the tip of the company's huge data iceberg. Facebook told some users that "one of your friends" used Facebook to log into a now-banned personality quiz app called This Is Your Digital Life and the app misused the information collected, including public profiles, page likes, birthday and current city, by sharing it with the political data-mining firm Cambridge Analytica.

Before many people join a network, it may not be so useful.

Potts then writes that the objective of his communication is "to explain what happened to your Page and identify specific steps to prevent a recurrence of these issues moving forward".

Regardless of what users choose to do, those who continue to participate on these social media sites should always do so with caution.

KitGuru Says: Even if there are no immediate repercussions, with the whole world keeping its eye on the platform, Zuckerberg and his team have their work cut out.

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He offered apologies to politicians as he made a long-awaited appearance in a USA congressional hearing on the hijacking of personal data on millions of users.

Whether Aleksandr Kogan, who sold Facebook data to Cambridge Analytica, still has a Facebook account. Or, a giant so out of control that lawmakers believe they should regulate-but have little insight into how it actually functions.

The single most uncomfortable moment for Facebook's founder was probably when Senator Dick Durbin asked him whether he would share with the committee the name of the hotel where he had spent the night in Washington.

It also keeps these sorts of shadow profiles on internet users who don't even have a Facebook account. Mr Zuckerberg should have known that perfectly respectable academic research into social media had been going on, some of it with the involvement of Facebook employees.

John Shimkus, a Republican from IL, asked Zuckerberg whether users are tracked when they are logged out of Facebook. This experience makes it clear there is no way for the average user to be completely confident in any platform's privacy.

Senator Lindsey Graham, a Republican from SC, questioned Mr Zuckerberg about Facebook's power more broadly: Is the social network a monopoly? You didn't know how many apps you need to audit. On one hand, many complain that Facebook's power is unchecked, but on the other hand, some encourage Facebook to use its influence to combat hate speech with intricate algorithms that can target certain language.

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