Oklahoma Teachers Union Calls For End To Walkout

Oklahoma Teachers Union Calls For End To Walkout

Oklahoma Teachers Union Calls For End To Walkout

Prosecutors say a teacher in CT not only failed to stop students from fighting in class, he encouraged them to do it.

Ryan Avery Fish, 23, was sacked on October 10 but the investigation began in December after a student reported physical and mental trauma. OPEA Executive Director Sterling Zearley said, "Recent discussions focus exclusively on education funding and exclude public safety, veterans' services, mental health, protective services, or any other state agency services".

More than 500,000 students have been affected by the school closures. What he called his "social thing" was actually a "fight club", according to police, in which Fish refereed as students beat themselves to the point of blood and vomit, while other children cheered and took cellphone videos.

Fish was sacked in October.

Students also told police Fish allowed them to draw lewd photos on the classroom board and admitted to doing drugs. "They achieved what no one has been able to achieve in over a decade: an increase in funding for schools and a pay raise for teachers and support staff". It also showed an adult employee, identified as Fish, standing in the background.

The Montville School District says they took action right away.

In December school resource officer, Officer Karen Moorehead, wrote the arrest warrant affidavit because that was when the Juvenile Court Liaison, Tammy Algar, reported the incidents at the school to the police. In one, Fish is seen and heard giving directions to the students who are fighting and moving a trash can out of the way so they can continue their fight, the warrant says.

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The videos also showed what appeared to be one of the students throwing up in a garbage can.

"I am ever so proud of our vibrant community where every success, no matter how small, is celebrated", he said in the letter.

Fish pleaded not guilty to the charges against him saying he did not facilitate the fights. The fight didn't restart because the school bell rang.

Montville Public Schools Superintendent Brian Levesque fired Fish later that day.

"Anytime a student is put in any type of injurious situation they need to contact the police department", Juhola said.

"We know that people are willing to drive between five and ten miles to get to a clinic and that information combined with geo-mapping data will help inform our decision of where the clinic will be located", said Supple.

"Unfortunately, because they are the organization that is supposed to be organizing this movement, I think that a lot of people will follow suit with the OEA", said Kambra Reynolds, a second grade teacher from Norman.

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