Congressmen React to Paul Ryan's Announcement

Congressmen React to Paul Ryan's Announcement

Congressmen React to Paul Ryan's Announcement

Ryan said in mid-December that Congress is "going to have to get back at entitlement reform" in 2018. "And that's why today I am announcing that this year will be my last one as a member of the House", he added.

In the 2012 USA presidential election, he was the Republican Party nominee for Vice President of the United States, running alongside former MA governor Mitt Romney.

When giving examples of what kind of recruitment he's been involved with, Ryan mentioned Rep. Mia Love, the Utah Republican whose parents are Haitian immigrants and whose criticism of the president is well-known.

Investigative reporter Dave Lindorff told Radio Sputnik's Loud & Clear that Ryan's departure is predictive of a Democratic victory wave in the House in November, especially since Ryan joins almost 30 other House Republicans who announced their retirement from the lower chamber this year.

But, the Scalise of Louisiana has signaled he won'in the event the speakership is sought by the California lawmaker t dare McCarthy. There was a coinciding slide in the percentage of Americans who viewed Ryan favorably, to 39% in April 2017 from 48% in November 2016.

Ryan's actions and inaction as Speaker left his image severely damaged, not just among Democrats, but also conservative Republicans.

Lee said Ryan's announcement has created the opportunity of a lifetime for someone else. Around the same time, 86% of Democrats said they approved of the ACA.

Both men spoke at the closed-door meeting, delivering tributes to Mr Ryan. She said "Paul Ryan is running away from the harm his policies have caused".

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Vice President Mike Pence, a former IN congressman and governor, said Wednesday IN a statement that Ryan "was instrumental IN enacting President (Donald) Trump's agenda" and "has been a fierce defender of our military, a leader IN ushering historic tax reform through Congress, and a public servant with a heart for helping lift up the less fortunate".

Instead, it was King who invoked a photo shared by President Trump on Wednesday night that showed Ryan and other top congressional Republicans grinning at the White House - all white men, flashing a thumbs-up.

"I chose to talk to the president than about the president", he said.

Meadows said numerous decisions will come down to whether Republicans are still in control of the House after the election in November. "I'm not a guy who thinks about it like that", he said at a news conference.

"We certainly hope that Republicans will continue to remain in the House, particularly those that support the President's agenda", Sanders said. The loyalists to the president say you're betraying him.

"Stay tuned for more retirements as Republicans increasingly realise that their midterm prospects are doomed", the committee said. "So they're two very different races, and that's what we saw when Boehner left, who could garner 218 votes".

It is hard to see how Ryan could have done better given the situation in which he found himself.

"I think it is a desperate attempt to juice a depressed Republican base", he said. And Trump's presidency has raised questions about the role of traditional conservatism in the Republican world.

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