EU wants Zuckerberg to give evidence over Facebook data scandal

EU wants Zuckerberg to give evidence over Facebook data scandal

EU wants Zuckerberg to give evidence over Facebook data scandal

Some of the House members curtly cut him off in questioning, trying to make the most of their four minutes each. But after two days of congressional testimony, what seemed clear was how little Congress seems to know about Facebook, much less what to do about it. After all, Facebook has no real incentive to look after the data of its users, since those data are so valuable to companies around the globe.

"I have to laugh when Zuckerberg says our mission is to connect people". Zuckerberg admitted that Facebook's data was used in the famous "Analytica scandal". If true, Facebook may be subject to significant fines.

And it's good news for anyone who owns shares in Facebook, they should be happy as they will be slightly richer also.

"Facebook was not originally created to be a company".

Before many people join a network, it may not be so useful.

Remember that all of these "connections" are known by Facebook and owned by Facebook.

Zuckerberg said he understands the concerns, especially because "Facebook and tech industry is located in Silicon Valley, which is an extremely Left-leaning place".

Although Zuckerberg didn't elaborate, the concept would be similar to what both video-streaming service Hulu and music-streaming service Spotify already do by offering a free version supported by ads or a commercial-free version that requires a subscription.

When you run the largest social network in the world, security is a big priority.

"I was part of a team that was handling data protection issues on the Facebook platform", he said, "like what happened with Cambridge Analytica".

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Doctors, however, point out that there is a valid health reason why Mr Zuckerberg sat on a cushion. "If Facebook is truly committed to protecting people's privacy, the company should set an example, by adhering to [the] highest data protection standards for all users".

Alastair Mactaggart, the chief proponent of the proposed initiative, said: "We're gratified that Facebook has dropped its opposition to the California Consumer Privacy Act".

This is what makes Facebook so great: It knows everything about you!

Through Aleksandr Kogan's "This Is Your Digital Life" app, the Cambridge University researcher was able to collect the data, which was then shared with consulting firm Cambridge Analytica. He also said that the firm will be increasing resources to investigate apps and take appropriate actions.

Give users greater access to and control over their data.

On regulation, Zuckerberg said he was open to it.

Analysts and investors keep close tabs on Facebook's user statistics as a way to gauge the company's financial health.

Flummoxed, Zuckerberg resorted to a common response. "I can have our team get back to you afterwards".

Liedtke reported from San Francisco.

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