Trump declares 'mission accomplished' in Syria strike

The US Navy guided-missile cruiser USS Monterey fires a Tomahawk land attack missile Apr 14 2018. US Navy Handout via Reuters

The US Navy guided-missile cruiser USS Monterey fires a Tomahawk land attack missile Apr 14 2018. US Navy Handout via Reuters

When it was announced President Trump would speak to the nation regarding military action in Syria on Friday night, there was reason to think that he might say something truly surprising - and truly frightening.

Britain's Ministry of Defence also confirmed four Royal Air Force Tornado jets from the Akrotiri base in Cyprus fired Storm Shadow missiles at a military facility near Homs.

"Neither Russia nor Iran wants to escalate the situation, as both countries are under serious scrutiny by the global community".

"We thought it would be much bigger than this", said Ahmed Primo, a journalist and activist now living in the Turkish city of Gaziantep.

The Kremlin is also busy with a Big Lie effort to deny that Assad used chems against the rebels, sometimes insisting the attack was faked, sometimes blaming the White Helmets, a Free Syrian relief group and sometimes fingering the Brits - whom it has also blamed for last month's Russian chemical-weapon assassination attempt on United Kingdom soil.

It was unclear even whether there would be a long-term impact on Syria's capacity to develop and use chemical weapons.

Despite brewing tensions between the West and Russia, Salamay did not predict severe responses between the rivaling powers.

Some like Barzan Iso, a Kurdish analyst based in northeastern Syria, believe the strikes were part of a calculated and narrow military mission and they should be viewed in their proper context. "When our president draws a red line, our president enforces the red line", Haley said on Saturday.

AFP/GETTY/EXPRESSSyria attack MAPPED: Theresa May said attack was "absolutely in our national interest " What has been the reaction to the bombing? But the very narrow and limited nature of the strikes served to weaken deterrence of future Syrian chemical weapons use.

A US Air Force B-1B Lancer bomber being deployed to launch strikes as part of the multinational response to Syria's use of chemical weapons is refuelled by a KC-135 tanker aircraft over an undisclosed location Apr 14 2018. US Air Force Handout via Reu
Trump declares 'mission accomplished' in Syria strike

Reports of major chlorine attacks began emerging in 2014, soon after Syria's declaration of complete chemical disarmament, which was the result of an Obama administration agreement between the USA and Russian Federation.

Some Syrians demand that the USA should take more measures against the regime and hit Assad's government where it hurts. Its Russian ally took a more provocative stance, pointing its finger at Britain for "staging" the attacks.

Concerning the regimes battle over Syria's last rebel-held areas, Saturday's strikes will likely not see a dramatic affect on their strategies, Salamay said.

Seeing the resilience of Syria's children, many of them too young to remember a life without war, humbles and inspires her, Alawa said.

Tim Al Siofi, an activist and journalist who survived the chemical attack in Douma and left the city last week with the last convoy to Idlib, told VOA that Syrians have stopped trusting the worldwide community.

Russian Federation and Syria have denied that chemical weapons were used at all and said their own investigators had been to the area and found no trace of them. "But still, they wouldn't change the battle inside Syria", he added.

President Trump's decision to launch missile strikes in Syria is political theater that will play well among some voters but have little effect on civilians caught in the country's long civil war, said Yasser Munif, an assistant professor at Emerson College who grew up in Syria.

"Good souls will not be humiliated", Mr Assad tweeted, while hundreds of Syrians gathered in the capital of Damascus where they flashed victory signs and waved flags in scenes of defiance after the early morning barrage.

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