UN Security Council rejects Russian Federation draft resolution slamming strike on Syria

UN Security Council rejects Russian Federation draft resolution slamming strike on Syria

UN Security Council rejects Russian Federation draft resolution slamming strike on Syria

Dana W. White, the chief Pentagon spokeswoman, said that to her knowledge no one in the Defense Department communicated with Moscow in advance, other than the acknowledged use of a military-to-military hotline that has routinely helped minimize the risk of U.S.

The strikes were the biggest foreign military action so far against Syria's regime. But the Pentagon said the Syrian air defence systems had been largely ineffective, and there was no indication that Russian systems had been employed.

The Pentagon has received no reports of civilian casualties from the strikes, officials said.

The US was also anxious that the strikes would prompt a confrontation with Syria's biggest military ally: Russian Federation.

Donald Trump hailed the strikes carried out against Syria by the US, UK and France as "perfectly executed" on Saturday, adding: "Could not have had a better result".

"Canada condemns in the strongest possible terms the use of chemical weapons in last week's attack in eastern Ghouta, Syria".

The U.S.is "locked and loaded" to strike Syria again if the Assad regime resumes its use of chemical weapons, Nikki Haley, the country's United Nations ambassador warned Saturday.

But it would not have been possible to remove all the key equipment and chemicals, McKenzie said.

"The OPCW used to stay in the two upper rooms, and use the labs, and we would cooperate with them completely", he said. The strikes were "limited, targeted and effective", the U.K.'s ambassador Karen Pierce said.

The limited strikes were deplored by the Syrian opposition, which saw the West as lacking an worldwide strategy for dealing with the civil war.

Responding to the horrific images after a chemical attack on the people of Syria, the United States and its allies launched a missile attack Friday night.

Trump and his allies had ordered the rapid-fire overnight mission in response to a suspected chemical weapons attack a week ago on the rebel-held town of Douma that left more than 40 people dead.

Haley gave Russian Federation a stern warning about the Syrian regime's future use of chemical weapons, a warning she said came directly from President Donald Trump.

More news: Russian President Putin says strike on Syria will exacerbate humanitarian catastrophe

The document delivered to congressmen cites "credible medical personnel. including the World Health Organization" treating the effects of a sarin gas attack.

"We did not do any coordination with Russian Federation on these strikes, and neither did we pre-notify them", Marine General Joseph Dunford, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said Friday night. "No local resident confirmed the chemical attack".

"We would have preferred an alternative path, but in this case there was none", May said.

In ordering the most recent strikes, the Trump administration and its allies appeared to be drawing a new line, suggesting that using even chlorine gas would spark military reprisals.

Turkey, a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation member with forces in northern Syria fighting Kurdish militants, welcomed the strikes and described them as a proper action against the Assad regime.

"The three facilities are - or more appropriately now, were - fundamental components to the regime's chemical weapons infrastructure", McKenzie said. These missiles may have come down in populated areas, he said.

This year, the USA and its allies had three targets: two storage facilities and one research center believed to be associated with the Syrian regime's chemical weapons program.

A Syrian military statement said 110 missiles were fired Saturday by the U.S., Britain and France and that it shot down majority.

Before-and-after pictures released by the Pentagon show the attack collapsed three buildings and a parking garage at the site.

"The building had three storeys: a basement, ground floor, and second floor", said Said Said, an engineer who identified himself as head of the centre's paint and plastics department.

The first of the targets was a research center near the capital city of Damascus; 76 missiles were launched against the center. McKenzie says the missiles were fired after the "last impact" was over. But with the latest strikes, US forces may see an escalation in the conflict.

"Our initial assessment is that this target was completely destroyed, "McKenzie said".

Even in a conflict already as debased as Syria's vicious civil war, there must be worldwide norms and laws that civilized nations enforce.

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