9 out of 10 children allocated their first choice for Primary School


Montville Township High School Principal Douglas Sanford Credits Melissa Benno

This year, 3,063 applicants living in the East Riding of Yorkshire applied for 2018/2019 Reception places at infant and primary schools, with 99.2% (3,040) getting places at one of their three choices of school and 97.7% (2,992) getting their first choice of school.

- If you still need guidance and advice, The Good Schools Guide offers a telephone consultation with a school appeals expert who will listen to your particular circumstances, suggest ways of approaching your appeal, give advice on dos and don'ts and tell you what your chances of success are.

First, read the letter from your local authority very closely.

Admissions procedure mistake: You may feel that an error has been made in measuring the distance between your home and the school.

This is a reduction of over half since 2012 when 818 children were placed in a primary school they had not chosen.

There were signs that in many areas of the country, a higher proportions of children gained places at their first choice of primary school compared to previous year.

At a time when well-equipped schools are a compulsory requirement to advance the education standards of the country, these kids who study in a government-run primary school in Madhya Pradesh are using a marriage hall for schooling.

Seventy-one pupils (four per cent) were offered a place at their second choice school, while 23 pupils (one per cent) received a place at their third choice school.

Depending on whether the school controls its own admissions, this may be down to the school in question or the local authority. "The application, which is in its final stages, can help users find and make appointments with doctors, find hospitals in their different localities and helps in diagnostics", Nyato explains.

Your child can remain on the waiting list for your preferred school even if you accept the offer and you can accept an offer from your desired school even if they have already started at another school.

The council has considered increasing capacity at other local schools instead of expanding Monks Abbey.

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The figures have been revealed as places are allocated across the Duchy for the new school year in September.

More information on ECC admissions can be found on their website.

If you are not happy with the decision, you can do something about it. "Everything you need for a brighter future is at your hand".

"This time we knew that was going to happen".

It is possible to seek legal advice and may be advisable in some circumstances.

What is it about this particular school that makes it such a good fit for your child?

An appeal panel of between three to five members of the public will assess your case.

"I can not emphasise enough the importance of a strong foundation of concepts because if it doesn't exist, then you have nothing to build on". "When they tell you to do something beyond class to showcase to other people and the world, then that causes one to think beyond the usual", he adds. Bring written evidence of this. The deadline to submit an appeal is 4pm on May 18. "It's painful while you're waiting to get there, but it's never too late", MacMillan said.

"We felt like our first advocation is for Youth's Benefit - that's our community, that's what we're promoting", MacMillan, whose children have also moved on from Youth's Benefit, said.

You may decide you wish to appeal the decision about your child's school.

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