Barry Lewis: Facebook and the illusion of privacy

LOGGING OFF Shane O'Brien is not prepared to put up with the misuse of his information

LOGGING OFF Shane O'Brien is not prepared to put up with the misuse of his information Trish Bowman

When asked about the possibility of a paid service during Senate testimony this week, Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg said his company would "certainly consider ideas like that". As a result, what they expect of those companies is changing.

Digging through your Facebook files is an exercise I highly recommend if you care about how your personal information is stored and used.

Born in NY, the computer programmer shot to notoriety after building a social network with his buddies at Harvard University that grew to eclipse all others in the West, and in the process he has gained a reputation for a ruthlessness not uncommon among titans of industry.

The European Union countries are introducing next month their General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

It appears like a genuinely outlined component in administration of Facebooks' objective of interfacing individuals. I think that suggests he is a very serious and determined person with staying power. "They are already having conversations about how they cannot only make sure their current systems better protect user privacy and autonomy, but how artificially intelligence systems they are using can have ethical alignment built in by design", said Ms McEvoy.

Yet, users still seem to have a long way to go to fully understand what Facebook and the other big tech companies are really doing.

Harrington also said word of mouth, even if it drives someone to the Facebook page to learn about events, is the best way to get someone to come to a business. And a break-up of Facebook would be prima facie impractical as the business is one giant interconnected platform.

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THE Cambridge Analytica scandal and its resultant "revelations" have left a bad taste in the mouths of most Facebook users across the world. You can also purchase a subscription and have full access to the site. The company can also track people almost everywhere they go online, and it can see what apps people have installed on their phones. The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights already includes a right to privacy, as does the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The company gives us a service we find valuable, and in exchange we agree that Facebook will harness that information to make money. This fact should raise questions about other mediums that have access to our information that we are unsuspecting of, like Facebook applications.

It could, in short, lead a global race to the top and in the process promote cyber peace. Last summer, during the run-up of the post-Trump election hysteria, I noticed Facebook deleted my "live" sessions whenever I was more critical of the government, so I had to tone down my discussion of criminal endeavors the agency engages in regularly. Apparently Facebook doesn't read the "terms for use" either. After ten hours of questioning, it became clear that all parties involved agreed that some form of regulation over how internet companies handle private data was required.

That is disturbing, given that we have been examining this component of Facebook's non-user information gathering for as far back as five years, as far back as the practice was exposed by researchers at Packet Storm Security.

Facebook will make a stop in Helena as part of an initiative to boost local businesses by providing training in digital marketing and social media skills. "You can go back home, spend $10 million on lobbyists and fight us, or you can go back home and help us solve this problem".

Earlier this week, the company announced the launch of the Data Abuse Bounty to reward Facebook users who report any misuse of data by app developers. The Federal Trade Commission would enforce those rules.

A $20 bill likely won't be enough to get anyone excited about the prospect of trading away personal data to a company like Facebook.

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