Triggering a Tax Audit from the IRS

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Tax Day is usually on April 15.

ADOR encourages taxpayers to file electronically and to use direct deposit for refunds because it is faster and more secure.

Another scheme scammers are using is one in which thieves file a fraudulent return, with your information, and the refund goes into your bank account. Likewise, there was no point in ruining that holiday by forcing those residents to file their income tax returns on the holiday.

Instead, the IRS website should be your first stop for finding answers to most basic tax questions. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) says it expects 155,000,000 returns to be filed this year.

Tax day was even later due to similar circumstances a year ago.

Said Commissioner Sullivan, "Taxpayers should never wait until the last minute just because there's a little more time to file". Good news, you don't have to file by April 15 to be on time.

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Procrastinating taxpayers have two extra days to file their federal returns this year.

When tax preparer Annette Kraft in Duncan, Oklahoma, checked the status of her clients' tax returns in January, she was surprised to find all of them had been rejected. But newlyweds can also be hit by the "marriage penalty", where filing a joint return causes a couple to have a higher tax liability than if they had filed as single individuals.

If you really can't get your tax return done, seek an extension. So you should estimate what you'll owe and pay by April 17, Ms. Labant said, to avoid hefty penalties and interest charges. Many will hastily get their QuickBooks file updated, appropriate documents compiled and a meeting with their accountant scheduled to ensure nothing delays getting this important task done.

"The IRS will work with you", he said.

"Because of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, not only will [filings] be simpler, Americans will keep more of their hard-earned money, on top of the bonuses and increased wages we have already seen", McCarthy said.

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