Hannity shares world view with Trump, and lawyer, too

Fox News television host Sean Hannity said in a statement Monday that he has never retained U.S. President Donald Trump's longtime personal lawyer, Michael Cohen.

A federal judge had asked Cohen to reveal his client list after he argued that material seized by FBI agents during a raid of his office and residences last week was privileged.

Hannity's name was disclosed by Cohen's lawyer in federal court after the judge in the case refused a request for his name to remain sealed. The federal judge was considering what to do with records and electronic devices that the FBI seized last week in raids at Michael Cohen's office and home.

Cohen has acknowledged paying pornographic actress Stormy Daniels $130,000 shortly before the 2016 election for what her lawyer said was silence about her alleged liaison with Trump in 2006.

The Justice Department wants a group of its own attorneys known as a "taint team" - those not conducting a criminal investigation of Cohen - to examine the records and decide which ones can't be used because they involve attorney-client privilege. Another was a Republican fundraiser who admitted to paying a former Playboy model after she became pregnant during their affair.

"I think he is so into this, like a pig in the mud, he can't get out of it", Connolly told CNN in an interview.

On his television show the same day, Hannity said: "Cohen was never part of the Trump administration or the Trump campaign".

Hannity has been on this conspiratorial trip since President Trump took office, but now we know that he had an extra, very personal stake in the latest phase of the multiple investigations into Trump-related malfeasance. Attorneys for Cohen say they want first crack.

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In a legal filing before the proceeding on Monday, Mr. Cohen revealed that he had worked as a lawyer since 2017 for 10 clients, seven of whom he served by providing "strategic advice and business consulting".

"I think it's pretty amusing", Hannity said. If it's true that the only time he sought legal advice was informally, when he and Cohen were shooting the breeze about other matters, and all he asked about was mundane real-estate stuff, I can imagine him assuming that there was no lawyer-client relationship.

Cohen also masterminded hush payments to women who'd allegedly had affairs with Trump. Trump's lawyers say they also want some form of prior review.

As his name was revealed as Cohen's third client Monday, Hannity's national radio show began with dead air.

Cohen is asking for the review to be conducted by a court-appointed attorney.

Michael Cohen is under criminal investigation for personal business dealings and was ordered to appear in federal court Monday in NY to help answer questions about his law practice.

"Attorney Client privilege is now a thing of the past", he tweeted Sunday. The White House has denied the affair ever happened. "All lawyers are deflated and concerned!"

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