James Comey Speaks Out

President Donald Trump prepares to speak in the Oval Office last week

President Donald Trump prepares to speak in the Oval Office last week

Hosko also warned that Comey's animus to the president displayed in the interview would stoke accusations that a "deep state" is attempting to undermine Trump and his administration.

Another passage questions Trump's morality, claiming, "this president is unethical and untethered to truth and institutional values".

He was sacked by Trump in May 2017.

The interview with Comey and the publicity tour for his book, which is scheduled to hit bookstores on Tuesday, amount to a remarkable public assault on a sitting President by someone who served at the highest levels in the government.

Former FBI director James Comey said he doesn't know for sure if Russian Federation has compromising material on U.S. President Donald Trump.

The book offers Mr Comey's version of the highly controversial events surrounding his firing by Mr Trump and the investigations into Russian election meddling and Ms Clinton's email practices.

Anderson continued that "the biggest thing that bothers me about the interview itself is that Jim is talking about some of the issues he discussed with the president in confidence, thats a little shocking...that the former head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation would do that". The most important being truth. In other words, he was making decisions based on the fact that he thought she was going to win, and he wanted a job. As Robert Mueller's investigation into Russia's role in the 2016 election continues, pundits predict that any legal action against Trump would be an obstruction of justice charge corroborated by Comey's testimony about the Flynn investigation. And yet another thing: The New York Times did a deep investigation into Comey's controversial decision to reopen the Hillary Clinton investigation in late October 2016, a move that may have cost her the presidency.

Comey largely avoids talking about the Mueller investigation in detail.

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Recounting a key section of his book, Comey said that in a meeting in February 2017, Trump asked Comey to drop the FBI's investigation of Michael Flynn, who had recently resigned as his national security adviser.

You can well see why this man, who at times seems like a fretful hand-wringing goody-two-shoes and who is also possessed with sanctimonious self-belief, also drives plenty of Democrats to distraction as well as President Trump.

His ongoing queasiness with the situation he found himself in remains evident, "Speaking is really bad; concealing is catastrophic". I still think that guy is an idiot, but, you know, he's kind of an honest idiot. "He strikes me as a person of above average intelligence who's tracking conversations and knows what's going on", Comey said.

The president initially retaliated by lashing out at Comey on Twitter, calling him "a proven leaker and liar" and an "untruthful slimeball".

"The president thinks that Jim Comey is engaging in revisionist history", Kellyanne Conway, Counselor to President Donald Trump, said in a TV interview.

Mr Comey said that the title of the book came from that "bizarre conversation" he had with Mr Trump at the White House in January a year ago, shortly after his inauguration. That was a driving reason he made a decision to leak a memo that triggered the appointment of Mueller as special counsel.

While I think that's an interesting sentiment, I'd much prefer if this "President"-described as a constantly lying, morally unfit crime boss who is openly disdainful of women and speaks of them like they're mere objects-were removed from power sooner rather than later". Then, U.S. President Donald Trump ordered Comey's dismissal as FBI Director.

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