Russian Federation implements ban on Telegram

Борьбу Роскомнадзора с Telegram высмеяли в меткой карикатуре

Russian Federation implements ban on Telegram

RUSSIA'S STATE TELECOMMUNICATIONS REGULATOR has asked Apple and Google to yank Telegram from their respective app stores.

Telegram is a big competitor to WhatsApp in Russia and it is to be noted that the social networking sites and apps from the US could not overcome the Russian apps and sites inside Russia.

A Russian court has levied an official ban against messaging app Telegram, just weeks after its initial coin offering (ICO) presale raised almost $2 billion in two private funding rounds.

The third point of the court decision requires Roskomnadzor to not create the conditions for the technical access to the blocked messenger.

In its court documents, media controller Roskomnadzor said Telegram had neglected to consent to its lawful necessities as a "merchant of data".

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"Russian authorities have begun blocking Telegram".

After Telegram's developers, Pavel and Nikolai Durov, denied the government access to the application's encryption technology, the Russian government started to crack down on the app.

The watchdog chose an all-out response, blocking some 15 million IP addresses reportedly belonging to the two USA companies in an attempt to corner Telegram and block all access.

In recent weeks, Telegram has approached the European Court of Human Rights to fight Russia's decision. Telegram has argued that it does not have a universal encryption key to decode all user messages, and thus could not give the Russian government what it demands, even if it wanted to comply. The service is expected to be blocked in the coming hours. "I think it means that they could move on from Telegram to big services like Facebook and Google". The Russian government has reportedly attempted to block Zello's online radio services over 70 times in the previous year after the company "refused to monitor its users and provide information about them to Russian special services". It appears that Telegram is trying to keep the service available despite the blocking.

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