Sega Ages Announced for Switch

Sega FES 2018 Announcement

Sega Ages Announced for Switch

Fans of retro gaming rejoiced when Nintendo released the NES Classic back in late 2016, followed by the (infinitely more available) SNES Classic one year later.

The team behind the ports is studio M2 who were responsible for the excellent 3D remasters on the 3DS and are exactly who you'd want working on the games.

Joining Sega's leading mascot will be Phantasy Star, Thunder Force 4, Alex Kidd in Miracle World and the original arcade version of Gain Ground. Hardware company AtGames manufactured the nearly universally disliked Sega Genesis Flashback that arrived past year, and according to a now-deleted Facebook post and tweet, the same firm will be behind the new Mega Drive Mini.

This will include a lineup of retro games that are being launched in both the United States, the UK and Japan.

Announced during Sega Fest 2018 yesterday, classic games from the SEGA Genesis and Master System will be coming to the Nintendo Switch sometime this Summer.

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We're excited to see where Sega will go from here, though we also wonder if there will be anymore surprises up its sleeves in the future.

Whether it will be released outside of Japan is not known at this time. Guesses were made based on the assumption that SEGA would announce something prodigious, but as mentioned above SEGA did not come up with any exciting announcement during its FES events.

Some have speculated that SEGA's console might actually use cartridges instead of using emulation.

At a fan festival in Tokyo tonight, Sega confirmed that they would bring their "Sega Ages" label to the Switch eShop worldwide.

It looks like the Mega Drive Mini could suffer from similar issues given that AtGames is reportedly behind its hardware design - however, the Facebook post confirming the partnership has been deleted.

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