Today is the deadline to file your taxes!

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Acting IRS Commissioner David Kautter faced the unenviable position of alerting taxpayers and Congress to the embarrassing problem when he testified at a tax day hearing on Tuesday before the House Subcommittee on Healthcare, Benefits and Administrative Rules.

Lastly, if you can show "reasonable cause" for not filing or paying on time, the IRS will not apply penalties. The IRS anticipates receiving more than 11.6 million requests for extensions, pushing the income tax deadline out to October 15.

Filing for an extension is completely free and no qualifications are necessary.

The IRS has not issued a statement about the outage but did tweet out that you can file for a six-month extension if your taxes aren't finished.

The good news is that you can file for an extension.

If the IRS deposits money in your account, or sends you a refund check, make sure it matches the amount you were expecting. Kautter said the agency was struggling to accept returns from widely used software programs such as TurboTax and Intuit - as well as from H&R Block, the massive tax preparation company.

"We do live in a high SALT state, so a lot of people tried to pre-pay their property taxes to take advantage of that one last time".

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An estimated 10 million Floridians are expected to file individual federal income tax returns for 2017, and the procrastinators are again in last-minute mode. Is your local post office open late for Tax Day?

He said it's also important to file your taxes under the right status. The IRS has an online calculator to help you estimate your payment.

With just a day left to go, the 2018 tax season is nearing its end.

The most common mistakes when filing taxes are careless: misspelling your name or writing the wrong social security number. The draft proposals would set more aggressive targets for seeing this transition occur over the next several years.

By law, the IRS may assess penalties to taxpayers for both failing to file a tax return and for failing to pay taxes they owe by the deadline.

Taxpayers who owe taxes can use IRS Direct Pay or any of several other electronic payment options. They upload it to a secure server I have.

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