Giants GM Dave Gettleman not tipping hand on pick

Safe to say they've struggled to find a quarterback.

With one win in 32 games, the Browns have Processed their way to an awesome amount of draft capital. On Thursday, April 26, 2018 the Cleveland Browns will make the first selection to kick off the three-day event. No, they are not a quarterback away from threatening to make the playoffs.

"Absolutely", Dorsey told reporters in Cleveland.

I understand that the team already has Myles Garrett and Emmanuel Ogbah, but the versatility of those two would allow the team to play all three at once. "I'm not making any decisions before the draft".

"Why wouldn't I?" Dorsey said when asked about Barkley, who dazzled pro personnel at the combine.

Since being hired as the team's new GM in December, Gettleman has repeatedly supported the 37-year-old Manning, saying all offseason that he believes Manning has quality years remaining in his career.

"You can't draft anybody with the second pick hoping (he'll be great)", Gettleman said then.

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As Bears general manager Ryan Pace proved a year ago when he traded up for quarterback Mitch Trubisky, no matter how many mock drafts, expert analysis and other data a fan studies, the actual draft remains full of dramatic surprises.

How much will that factor into what Gettleman decides to do with the Giants' precious pick? So the Saints could maybe trade down from 27, throw in a fifth or sixth or both and get Cleveland's picks 35 and 64 with maybe a future fourth or fifth rounder thrown in. Aside from the Browns, teams are rarely presented with a top two pick and the opportunity to select a premier quarterback prospect. "But I'm very confident in where we are in the process moving forward".

Imagine four to 10 minutes between pitches, then having to wait months and often years to know whether it was a hit or whiff, a popup or a passed ball, a home run or a balk. The logic behind such a move would likely be that it doubles the chances of the Browns landing that elusive franchise quarterback. Perhaps the most realistic path for Barkley to end up in a Tampa Bay jersey would be if we see teams begin to jostle upward to fight over the top quarterbacks in the class. "It's a five-year mistake".

"We'll know when we know", he said. At least it's been like that for the last two decades, when the National Football League draft comes around... and then it's all downhill from there.

Shortly after the 2017 season ended, Hall of Fame coach Bill Parcells suggested the Giants would have to consider a quarterback at the top of the draft due to Eli Manning's advanced age. Draft-wise, they have an embarrassment of riches.

Yet, if the Giants are honest about building their offense around Manning, they can draft Saquon Barkley or even trade down for a lower pick and then draft him.

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