Southwest pilots of Flight 1380 issue statement: 'Our hearts are heavy'

Southwest pilots of Flight 1380 issue statement: 'Our hearts are heavy'

Southwest pilots of Flight 1380 issue statement: 'Our hearts are heavy'

Many are still reeling in shock after the incident that resulted in a woman almost being sucked out of the Dallas bound flight Tuesday when an engine exploded, causing a window to shatter.

"A piece of the engine's cover was ripped off, coming down 75 miles from the Philadelphia Airport", said NTSB chair and former 737 pilot Robert Sumwalt. Some critics have questioned why the FAA did not move faster, when European regulators issued an April 2 directive ordering similar CFM56-7B inspections within nine months.

But it's worth noting that there were gatekeepers 30 years ago who didn't think Tammie Jo Shults belonged in that plane - or any plane.

An engine on the plane blew apart Tuesday, showering the aircraft with debris and shattering a window. One passenger died on the flight and seven were injured, according to Southwest. "Any blades that fail the inspection will have to be replaced".

But like a lot of other folks here, when I saw the news out of Philadelphia, that a stricken Southwest Airlines Inc. One of the passengers said: "From her waist above, she was outside of the plane".

PDPH spokesman James Garrow said her death was ruled accidental.

Peggy Phillips told America's ABC News she and fellow passengers tried to save Jennifer Riordan's life.

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In a joint statement released late Wednesday, the Southwest Captain and co-pilot expressed "appreciation for the outpouring of support", adding "We all feel we were simply doing our jobs". Our hearts are heavy. Officials have said they are focusing on studying the break area near where the blade connected to the turbine's hub to determine what caused the break, and what flaws may have existed in the metal.

She's served in the US Navy for 10 years and flew fighter jets before leaving active service in 1993 after achieving the rank of lieutenant commander.

The New Mexico native graduated university with degrees in biology and agribusiness before joining the US Navy.

"Albuquerque lost a thoughtful leader who has always been part of the fabric of our community", Keller said in a statement posted on social media.

Needum was one of the passengers aboard Southwest flight 1380, which suffered a mid-air emergency about 20 minutes into the flight. But when the oxygen masks are deployed passengers are supposed to place them over both their noses and mouths.

"No. It's not on fire but part of it's missing".

Korean Air Lines and Japan Airlines - major, global carriers - both said they were conducting inspections of the fan blades within the CFM56 engines, according to Reuters.

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