Earth Day: Let's pledge to keep our environment clean, says Mamata

Earth Day: Let's pledge to keep our environment clean, says Mamata

Earth Day: Let's pledge to keep our environment clean, says Mamata

This year marks the official two-year countdown to the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.

"God wanted to make heaven, and the earth is that heaven".

Earth Day Network, the organization that leads Earth Day worldwide, announced that Earth Day 2018 will focus on mobilizing the world to End Plastic Pollution.

Kathleen Rogers is President of Earth Day Network. You can help pay some of the cost by sponsoring a day on CRO for as little as $100 or by donating any amount you're comfortable with. Green Tie at the zoo enables the Council to continue its profound work through three core programs: Tennessee Tree Project, Watershed Support Center and Sustainable Tennessee which actively conserve and improve Tennessee's environment, communities and public health.

"It makes me sick to think that our kids might never know what a clean beach or water is really like".

“We are reaching a tipping point on single-use plastics, and it is time for any corporation that cares about a healthy planet to go beyond recycling alone.

A study revealed that 91 percent of the worlds plastics have not been recycled.

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Unlike most other trash, plastic isn't usually biodegradable-that is, most of the microbes that break down other substances don't recognize plastic as food, leaving it to float there forever. "For this reason, it is much more important to focus on reducing your own level of plastic consumption", she advises.

"The packaging they sell is either recyclable or compostable", said Budsberg. Educational demonstrations are promised concerning bike fix, clean energy, electric vehicles, healthy recipes for cooking, stormwater harvesting and water-wise gardening, in addition to workshops where attendees can learn and share ideas for "a more environmentally friendly Pasadena". Try re-using till they wear off.

In South Africa, Senegal, Cameroon, and Kenya, Greenpeace Africa is working with volunteers to conduct beach and town cleanups and brand audits to identify the companies responsible for plastic pollution.

Local outdoors groups are doing their part in cleaning up the areas beyond the city streets. Marion discussed how getting involved in Earth Day is a great way to get people thinking about their role on the planet every day. McConnell chose the spring equinox (March 21, 1970) and Nelson chose April 22. In July of the same year, they created the Environmental Protection Agency, and robust environmental laws such as the Clean Water Act and the Endangered Species Act, among many.

This Earth Day celebration is the largest educational Earth Day event in the state of Georgia and is entirely free of charge.

By now most of us have read that plastic, that incredibly useful product that all of us use every day, is fast becoming public enemy number one.

Mushahidullah said that we stand to lose a wide variety of environmental goods and services that we take for granted.

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